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Podcast 405: It’s On Like Dragon*Con

This week I’m joined by resident geek girl, Vanessa G of Girls-Gone-Geek.com, as she discusses Dragon*Con and her first foray into the world of cosplay.

Podcast 404: Speaking of Vaginas…

This week I’m joined by listener favorite, Patrick…as we tackle everything from the Apple Vs. Samsung verdict, my time at Star Wars Celebration VI and the Republican National Convention.

Podcast 401: My “Dark Knight” Is Rising

Now that the eagerly anticipated, “The Dark Knight Rises” has been released, I am joined by Erika Peterman from Girls-Gone-Geek.com as we review, discuss and dissect the film from beginning to end!

Podcast 400: Gay For Batman

This week I am joined by Vanessa Gabriel from Girls-Gone-Geek.com as we tackle everything from DC Comics, superhero movies, Community, Felicia Day and my (unhealthy) love of Batman; to politics, ObamaCare, the 24-hour news cycle and just about anything in between!

Batman: Earth One Review

The origin story of Batman has been told countless times. In “Batman: Earth One,” writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank take a stab at telling an entirely new and unique take on the Dark Knight’s beginning…and the result is stellar.

Podcast 399: Will Work For Money

Prompted by a listener email, this week’s show revolves entirely around job hunting tips and how to increase your chances of landing the job that you want in a difficult economy.

Stimulated Boredom Host Featured On SNM Network

Stimulated Boredom host, Dana Sciandra, was mentioned in a recent edition of the "Social News Media Network" for a funny status update he posted on Snooki's nude photos.

Podcast 397: Confessions of a N00b…

This week I am joined by a new voice to the program, Elke, as we discuss Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) and MMORPG gaming, as we put our full-frontal nerdery on display.

Podcast 395: The Podfather – Starting Your Own Podcast

We have a doozy of a show for you this week – 4 hours of “doozyness”, in fact – as we delve into how to create your own podcast and everything that you need to know to get started and have the best chance at creating a successful show.

‘Wonder Women’ is Powerful Viewing

“Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines,” examines the history of fictional heroines in popular culture, and how their highs and lows have reflected the lives of real...

Podcast 392: Super Size Me

This week I am joined by Patrick, who recently returned from SxSW. We round out the program with the Limbaugh/Fluke controversy and the prolonged Republican primary.

Rush Limbaugh’s Advertisers Use The Pull-Out Method

Conservative shock joke…excuse me, jock, Rush Limbaugh, recently created a fervor over his attack of Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke for her position on insurance coverage for birth control.

Podcast 391: MegaCon 2012

Joined by Vanessa G from Girls Gone Geek, we discuss my experience attending MegaCon, my very first comic book convention!

Confessions of a MegaCon Virgin

I have attended many conventions in my life, but never a comic book convention. The following is my account - at MegaCon - as a comic book convention virgin...so, please be gentle, it's my first time.

Podcast 388: SOPA On The ROPE

I'm joined by Vanessa G of Girls Gone Geek, as we have an impassioned 2.5 hour discussion on the subject of SOPA and Net Neutrality.

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