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A myriad of miscellaneous and geeky content that I just felt like sharing or writing about. #LetYourGeekFlagFly

The Structure Behind Adam Smith

The works of Adam Smith touch upon various topics, and his magnum opi The Wealth of Nations and The Theory of Moral Sentiments, are important works in the realms of politics/commerce...

The King’s Speech – Musical Remix!

Stumbled across this musical remix of "The King's Speech" and found it humorous enough to share. The best parts are near the end. "Willy, shit and fuck...and tits"

Boredom Bites

Bite-sized snippets of opinion, commentary, humor, news & everything else in-between. Whether a brief comment on the news of the day, a humorous video, interesting articles or random thoughts...Boredom Bites dishes it out in appetizer sized portions!

The FCC’s Role In Net Neutrality

The following is a question (and my response) from SB listener and show favorite, Vanessa G, posed to me earlier today on Facebook. I am posting it on the site for the benefit of others who are curious about...

Anime: Beyond Pokemon

An introduction to the world of anime; including discussion, recommendations and information for newcomers to the genre, or those interested in learning more. Understanding anime and its appeal to fans.

Stimulated Boredom: I Haz Apps

Cell phone junkies and Stimulated Boredom fans can rejoice, as there are now apps available for both iPhone and Android devices! The apps allow you easy and on-demand access to each weeks program; including the ability to listen to...

“Language” by Stephen Fry

I Absolutely LOVE This. A kinetic typography video using the words and audio of "Language" by Stephen Fry...

“I Pledge Memorization, To The Class…”

Saw this status update floating around Facebook today. Nothing special in and of itself, just your garden-variety, "I'm more American than you" drivel meant to denote some form of augmented patriotism

Qur’an Bonfire of the Vanities

Ain't it just precious how ignorant people like to burn stuff? Books. Crosses. Other people's bibles. If you don't understand it, haven't read it or feel threatened by it, burn it...

History 101: WWII on Facebook…

Stumbled across this recently, thought it was just brilliant and wanted to share it! As a lifelong WWII buff, I was impressed by how accurate and creative this was...whoever put it together knew...

“Stop calling me!” | How to Get Collection Agencies Off Your Back

Collection companies have a bad rap for a reason – most of them have absolutely no regard for consumer rights, are abusive to consumers, and screw up consumers' credit.

The Promised Land: The Role of Religion in the Creation and Evolution of North...

Historically religion has been one of the defining characteristics of human society, one which...

Blame Canada…

The following is a funny video created by my friend Brian, the dialogue for which was gleaned from an exchange of comments we made on a status update I had written on my Facebook profile.

Minivans: When cool is no longer an option

Are you one of the millions who gave up on your dreams and opted for a minivan? Finally, some much needed street cred for the next time you roll up to soccer practice...

Girls Gone Geek

There may not be anything cooler than chicks that dig comic books (with the exception of those that play video games). Allow me to introduce you to Girls Gone Geek.

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