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Articles on the subject of history – one of my favorite topics – including follow-up content related to historical discussions on the podcast.

Podcast 372: And The Rocket’s Red Glare

For the ‘4th of July’ holiday, I am busting out an older segment (with an updated intro) that I had recorded back in July of 2008, in which I discussed the history of the “Declaration of Independence.”

Book Review: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

"Unbroken" is the remarkable tale of Louis Silvie Zamperini, a world-class runner who competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympics and who later became a WWII B-24 Bombardier in the Pacific Theater. In late May of 1943, Zamperini's plane - the "Green Hornet" - goes down...

On My Personal Politics…

I am often asked by new listeners of the program about my personal politics. In this piece, I explain where I stand in the political spectrum and how I came to find myself there.
Audio-Technica AT2020 Microphone

Ding Dong Bin Laden’s Dead!

Ding Dong Bin Laden’s Dead! A special mid-week podcast and comprehensive discussion of bin Laden's death with guest, Patrick.
Devil in the white city book cover and review

Book Review | The Devil in the White City

The Columbian Exposition, popularly known as the Chicago World's Fair of 1893, was a magical event that inspired & introduced the world to some of its greatest inventions. It was also the playground for America's first serial killer...
The King's Speech Movie Review

Review: The King’s Speech

Imagine if you will, standing before a microphone in which you will be addressing millions of anxiously awaiting people. For many, this will be their first time ever hearing your voice. You will be delivering momentous news, of which...

“Politics of the Belly” in Africa

A short review of Jean-Francois Bayart's work on Africa - a theoretical discussion attempting to propose a new intellectual paradigm concerning the socio-political currents which define sub-Saharan...

America: Inspired by Sanity – Founded on Contemporary Issues…

In the spirit of John Stewart and his Rally to Restore Sanity, listener & contributor J.D. Luedi writes about the founding of America and its prevailing principles of reason.

“I Pledge Memorization, To The Class…”

Saw this status update floating around Facebook today. Nothing special in and of itself, just your garden-variety, "I'm more American than you" drivel meant to denote some form of augmented patriotism
Mao Zedong against a red China flag.

The Making of Red China: A Historiographical Analysis of the Chinese Civil War

Throughout history civil war has been a catalyst for radical upheavals and major paradigm shifts in many societies. Civil wars are often the physical manifestations of...

History 101: WWII on Facebook…

Stumbled across this recently, thought it was just brilliant and wanted to share it! As a lifelong WWII buff, I was impressed by how accurate and creative this was...whoever put it together knew...

The Promised Land: The Role of Religion in the Creation and Evolution of North...

Historically religion has been one of the defining characteristics of human society, one which...

Hitler Deeply Penetrates Stalin | The Eastern Front in WWII

In August of 2009, I sat down and recorded a 3 Part Series on the Eastern Front during WWII. Our story begins with Germany poised to invade Russia.

A Little Ditty ‘Bout WWII (re: the Premiere of “The Pacific” on HBO)

Most of Europe has fallen to Hitler, leaving Britain as the last remaining European power resisting Nazi expansion...

Podcast: Stalin Deeply Penetrates Hitler

Part 3 of 3 of my series on the Eastern Front during WWII. In this discussion, I pick up where we left off at the Battle of Stalingrad, the Russian expulsion of the Nazis from their country and the Soviet march into Berlin as the war comes to a close.

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