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Articles on the subject of history – one of my favorite topics – including follow-up content related to historical discussions on the podcast.

Trivializing History: Ignorance And Moronic Historical Comparisons Are Not A Partisan Issue

Winston Churchill (Disclosure: a political hero of mine) should have known better. Campaigning in 1945, he delivered a speech suggesting that an unchecked Labour...

Podcast: Hitler Deeply Penetrates Stalin

Part 2 of 3: The discussion picks up where it left off, with the historic Battle of Stalingrad - the bloodiest battle of the entire war and a turning point in the conflict - perhaps the "beginning of the end" for Hitler's Germany.

Podcast: In Soviet Russia, Boredom Stimulates YOU!

Part 1 of 3: Discussion of the Eastern Front during WWII. This includes Operation Barbarossa, Hitler breaking the Non-Aggression Pact with Stalin and many interesting historical tid-bits relating to the invasion of the Soviet Union.

“I Voted” by Stimulated Boredom Listeners

Collection of Stimulated Boredom listeners from all over the country who submitted their "I Voted" pictures, proudly displaying their participation in the 2008 Presidential...

On Gay Marriage: A Step Forward & A Step Back…

On a day when the nation rose to take a major step forward as it pertains to race in this country, we still found a way to tell another segment of our population that they are less of a citizen...

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