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A myriad of miscellaneous and geeky content that I just felt like sharing or writing about. #LetYourGeekFlagFly

5 Reasons to Love Rat Queens

The Image Comics series Rat Queens is the smash hit of 2014 complete with its own cult following. And from the moment I laid eyes on...

Europa Report: Putting The ‘Science’ Back Into Science Fiction

With development help from NASA, Europa Report is touted as being the most realistic portrayal of deep space travel ever depicted in a film. After recently sitting down to watch this tense and compelling film, I am not inclined to disagree.

New Show Artwork: Leah Rocks!!!!!!

Just wanted to draw attention to the talent and the time that Leah M. (PA) put into this new artwork for the show...I love...

Podcast 397: Confessions of a N00b…

This week I am joined by a new voice to the program, Elke, as we discuss Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) and MMORPG gaming, as we put our full-frontal nerdery on display.

Podcast 391: MegaCon 2012

Joined by Vanessa G from Girls Gone Geek, we discuss my experience attending MegaCon, my very first comic book convention!

Boredom Bites

Bite-sized snippets of opinion, commentary, humor, news & everything else in-between. Whether a brief comment on the news of the day, a humorous video, interesting articles or random thoughts...Boredom Bites dishes it out in appetizer sized portions!

Comics You Should Be Reading: Back In The Saddle Edition

Hey nerds! The talented ladies at went through their mounting stash of comics, and presented two titles each that they recommend everyone should be reading!

Jean Grey: An Interpretation of a Classic Character’s Naming Significance and...

Strong women have been portrayed in comic books since the earliest days in the late 1930’s. Marvel's Jean Grey is the prototypical heroic woman, strong in character as well as in body and name.

Kindle Fire Video Review: Full Tutorial, Walkthrough & Impressions

In this 4 part video series, Dana Sciandra walks you through the new Amazon Kindle Fire and discusses its features, specs, performance and his impressions.

Quick Rundown (aka: In Other News)

–Scientists have discovered a new gene called “happyhour.” They say it’s responsible for determining a person’s tolerance for alcohol. If scientists can isolate it...

Anime: Beyond Pokemon

An introduction to the world of anime; including discussion, recommendations and information for newcomers to the genre, or those interested in learning more. Understanding anime and its appeal to fans.

Book Review | ARMADA by Ernest Cline

Armada is the story of Zach Lightman, a gamer who is called upon to use his gaming skills to save the world from alien invasion. Not without its faults, Armada is a fun ride by Ready Player One author, Ernest Cline.

History 101: WWII on Facebook…

Stumbled across this recently, thought it was just brilliant and wanted to share it! As a lifelong WWII buff, I was impressed by how accurate and creative this was...whoever put it together knew...

Firefly Cast Will Reunite to Voice The Serenity Crew in Upcoming...

Fans of Joss Whedon's cult hit sci-fi TV show, Firefly, were treated to an awesome surprise yesterday when it was announced that the upcoming...

App Review: My Movies

Occasionally an app comes along that serves a very useful and simple purpose. 'My Movies' is one such app and for what it does, it does it very well. 'My Movies' is a management app that allows you to catalog your entire movie collection.

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