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A myriad of miscellaneous and geeky content that I just felt like sharing or writing about. #LetYourGeekFlagFly

Batman: Earth One Review

The origin story of Batman has been told countless times. In “Batman: Earth One,” writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank take a stab at telling an entirely new and unique take on the Dark Knight’s beginning…and the result is stellar.

Confessions of a MegaCon Virgin

I have attended many conventions in my life, but never a comic book convention. The following is my account - at MegaCon - as a comic book convention virgin...so, please be gentle, it's my first time.

Podcast 417: Almost (Internet) Famous

Vanessa Gabriel of Girls Gone Geek returns for a four-peat appearance on the show, as we discuss the ins-and-outs of creating your own successful blog, podcast and original content.

Girls Gone Geek…

There may not be anything cooler than chicks that dig comic books (with the exception of those that play video games). And although it can be assumed that finding such women would be tantamount to a Bigfoot sighting...

The Structure Behind Adam Smith

The works of Adam Smith touch upon various topics, and his magnum opi The Wealth of Nations and The Theory of Moral Sentiments, are important works in the realms of politics/commerce...

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ First Impressions: A Slow, But Promising Start

I’d like to say that I loved the first episode of Fear the Walking Dead, but I didn’t. It was a slow start, but with a lot of promise for what's to come.

Podcast 399: Will Work For Money

Prompted by a listener email, this week’s show revolves entirely around job hunting tips and how to increase your chances of landing the job that you want in a difficult economy.

Go SMS Superhero Comic Book Theme: The Hero Your Messaging Deserves…

If you're a comic book fan and want to inject some personality into your messaging app, take a look at GO SMS and their new Superhero Comic Book Theme.

Kindle Fire: First Impressions & Full Breakdown

Dana Sciandra gives his first impressions, initial review, opinion and a full breakdown of everything that you need to know about the new Kindle Fire.

Podcast 404: Speaking of Vaginas…

This week I’m joined by listener favorite, Patrick…as we tackle everything from the Apple Vs. Samsung verdict, my time at Star Wars Celebration VI and the Republican National Convention.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered….Just Not On Saturdays

One of the (many) reasons some people are so upset about the slow death of the newspaper has a lot to do with the...

The King’s Speech – Musical Remix!

Stumbled across this musical remix of "The King's Speech" and found it humorous enough to share. The best parts are near the end. "Willy, shit and fuck...and tits"

History 101: WWII on Facebook…

Stumbled across this recently, thought it was just brilliant and wanted to share it! As a lifelong WWII buff, I was impressed by how accurate and creative this was...whoever put it together knew...

Podcast 373: Geek Lunch

In this special mid-week show, I am sharing the first ever "Geek Lunch" podcast with the talented ladies at Girls-Gone-Geek.com, as they discus comic books and geek culture.

Stimulated Boredom Host Featured On SNM Network

Stimulated Boredom host, Dana Sciandra, was mentioned in a recent edition of the "Social News Media Network" for a funny status update he posted on Snooki's nude photos.

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