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A myriad of miscellaneous and geeky content that I just felt like sharing or writing about. #LetYourGeekFlagFly

Stimulated Boredom Show Update | “Why I Suck.”

After receiving many emails from confused listeners as to why there hasn't been a new Stimulated Boredom show in a long time, I figured I would sit down and write a quick update.

Fox Releases New Deadpool Trailer Trailer (Updated)

That’s right, a trailer…for the trailer. Ryan Reynolds teases the release of the official Deadpool trailer in classic "Merc with a mouth" fashion.

Podcast 395: The Podfather – Starting Your Own Podcast

We have a doozy of a show for you this week – 4 hours of “doozyness”, in fact – as we delve into how to create your own podcast and everything that you need to know to get started and have the best chance at creating a successful show.

‘Wonder Women’ is Powerful Viewing

“Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines,” examines the history of fictional heroines in popular culture, and how their highs and lows have reflected the lives of real...

Podcast 386: Revenge of the Booger

This week marks the triumphant (guest) return of Chris – aka: “Booger” – who had a short, but distinguished stint as co-host of the program back in 2005.

Google Nexus 10 Review

Dana Sciandra reviews the Google Nexus 10 tablet by Samsung, including the specs, tour of the device and a demonstration of how everything from movies, music, books, magazines, web surfing, apps and reading comic books look.

Batman: Earth One Review

The origin story of Batman has been told countless times. In “Batman: Earth One,” writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank take a stab at telling an entirely new and unique take on the Dark Knight’s beginning…and the result is stellar.

Podcast 378: Hot Pockets & Hormones

This week, I am joined by listener-favorite Vanessa G of, as we discuss all things Dragon*Con and take an entertaining, informative & insightful romp through geek culture, comic books, cosplay and her experience at the Atlanta conference.

Quick Rundown (aka: In Other News)

–According to reports and research from the National Institutes of Health, the Obama family’s first dog Bo is actually a mutant. Bo possesses two...

Podcast 381: Geek Lunch Part Deux | When Geeks Attack

The first "Geek Lunch" episode was so positively received by Stimulated Boredom listeners – I wanted to share the next episode featuring the ladies of "Girls Gone Geek."

On My Personal Politics…

I am often asked by new listeners of the program about my personal politics. In this piece, I explain where I stand in the political spectrum and how I came to find myself there.

Podcast 373: Geek Lunch

In this special mid-week show, I am sharing the first ever "Geek Lunch" podcast with the talented ladies at, as they discus comic books and geek culture.

Take It Easy Folks: Death of Accuracy & Language in Media

During the last Bush administration, there was always much to be said about the politics of fear. And regardless of what you think...

Confessions of a MegaCon Virgin

I have attended many conventions in my life, but never a comic book convention. The following is my account - at MegaCon - as a comic book convention, please be gentle, it's my first time.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Review

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is an animated film that explores the Butterfly Effect that occurs in the DC Universe when Barry Allen (The Flash) travels back in time to prevent his mother's murder.

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