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Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox Review

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is an animated film that explores the Butterfly Effect that occurs in the DC Universe when Barry Allen (The Flash) travels back in time to prevent his mother's murder.
Amazon Prime Music app on Android, with Alexa support.

Amazon Music App Adds Hands-Free Alexa Support

Amazon has enabled Alexa support within the Prime Music mobile app, and it’s a welcome addition for those looking for a truly hands-free experience, especially while driving.

This Fan-made ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Supercut is the Trailer You’re Looking For

These fine folks just did the world a big favor by meticulously editing all of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers together into one incredible supercut.

Movie Review | Comic-Con IV: A Fan’s Hope

If you have a friend or family member who is baffled by con culture, just show them the Morgan Spurlock-directed documentary "Comic-Con IV: A Fan’s Hope."

An Analysis: 8 Things That Stood Out To Me In The New ‘Batman v...

Here are 8 things that stood out to me in the new Batman v Superman trailer, along with my thoughts on their potential meaning, and ties to the comic books.

Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

With an aesthetic that falls somewhere between Game of Thrones and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and the Huntsman is a grotesque and gorgeous journey from dark to light.

iClever Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review: Big Sound, Small Package

If you're looking for an affordable Bluetooth speaker, with good sound and excellent build quality, take a look at the iClever Mini Portable Speaker.

“What Order Should I Watch the Star Wars Movies?”

There certainly isn’t a shortage of opinions to be found regarding the “best” order to watch the Star Wars films, but I figured I would share my opinion of each, along with my own personal preference.

Inception Is Reality: Fancy Some Mind-Fornication?

My review, thoughts & comprehensive breakdown of the movie, "Inception". Includes in-depth explanation of the plot, the ending, themes and concepts behind the film.

Google Nexus 10 Review

Dana Sciandra reviews the Google Nexus 10 tablet by Samsung, including the specs, tour of the device and a demonstration of how everything from movies, music, books, magazines, web surfing, apps and reading comic books look.

Fox Releases New Deadpool Trailer Trailer (Updated)

That’s right, a trailer…for the trailer. Ryan Reynolds teases the release of the official Deadpool trailer in classic "Merc with a mouth" fashion.
Batman v Superman Spoilercast Stimulated Boredom Dana Sciandra

Batman v Superman Spoilercast: Dawn of Spoilers

On this episode of the podcast we dive cowl-first into what we loved, liked & disliked about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the new DC cinematic universe.

Podcast 416: Man of Steel Review

Resident comic book experts, Vanessa Gabriel and Erika Peterman of Girls-Gone-Geek.com, join Dana Sciandra as they discuss and review the new, “Man of Steel” movie, including Henry Cavill’s bare chested Kryptonian nipples.

Review: Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker

I review the new Bose Soundlink Wireless Mobile speaker, Bose's newest entry into the Bluetooth enabled portable speaker market. Is it worth the hefty price tag?

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together…

I'm a sucker for nostalgia; whether it be finding an episode marathon of an old favorite TV show, stumbling across 'vintage' toys from my youth, hearing about a movie re-make or even recalling all of the hookers...

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