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An original staple of the podcast. This is where I rant and rave about a subject matter that I am equal parts passionate about and disgusted by. Enter at your own risk.

Podcast 388: SOPA On The ROPE

I'm joined by Vanessa G of Girls Gone Geek, as we have an impassioned 2.5 hour discussion on the subject of SOPA and Net Neutrality.

Podcast 409: Electoral College Daze

As we head into the final days of the election, I respond to listener questions relating to exactly what the Electoral College is, its history and how it works, what makes a “battleground state” and a wrap-up of the week in election news.

Why Voting Matters

The privilege of an American citizen to vote is the right that defines our democracy. By exercising this fundamental right, we protect all the other rights of our constitution. Our ability and right to vote is an expression of equality.

Podcast 396: Adam, Eve & Steve

The topic of gay marriage made its way into the news again recently – conveniently during another election year – therefore I enlist the help of frequent guest-host, Patrick, as we discuss the subject within the context of equality, civil rights, religion and politics.

What’s pissing me off today?

"The Internet Freedom Act of 2009" = Example of the gullibility and ignorance of people who think the name of legislation is indicative of...

The FCC’s Role In Net Neutrality

The following is a question (and my response) from SB listener and show favorite, Vanessa G, posed to me earlier today on Facebook. I am posting it on the site for the benefit of others who are curious about...

Podcast 394: Million Dollar Mommy

On this week's program, I discuss the burden and hardship that Ann Romney had to endure while raising 5 boys full-time with only a mere $250 million in the bank, nannies, personal assistants and custom car elevators.

McCain: Can’t chew gum and walk at the same time…

Dave Letterman rips McCain a new one on his cancelled appearance, "To suspend his campaign in order to save the economy"...further proof of yet...

Specter Switcheroo: Arlen is an Ass (Donkey that is)…

In the wake of Sen. Arlen Specter switching political teams, those of us who love to watch politics with the same intensity as a...

On Gay Marriage: A Step Forward & A Step Back…

On a day when the nation rose to take a major step forward as it pertains to race in this country, we still found a way to tell another segment of our population that they are less of a citizen...

Take It Easy Folks: Death of Accuracy & Language in Media

During the last Bush administration, there was always much to be said about the politics of fear. And regardless of what you think...

Podcast 411: Four More Years

The election is over, President Obama has won a second term and it’s time for a little post-election analysis; including what the next four years may look like and the impending fiscal cliff.

Rush Limbaugh’s Advertisers Use The Pull-Out Method

Conservative shock joke…excuse me, jock, Rush Limbaugh, recently created a fervor over his attack of Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke for her position on insurance coverage for birth control.
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As So Many Before It, This Presidential Election Will Be A Choice Between The...

"Who are you supporting for President, Dana?" I'm asked this question - a lot - and the truth is that this Presidential election will be...

Stimulated Boredom Listeners: “I Voted”

The following video is a collection of photographs submitted by listeners of the Stimulated Boredom podcast, proudly displaying their "I Voted" stickers and participation in the 2012 Presidential Election.

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