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stimulated boredom FAQ


What is Stimulated Boredom?

Stimulated Boredom is a website, blog, and podcast that covers many general interest topics, including geek culture, gaming, gadgets, reviews, technology, movies, humor, politics, current events, and entertainment.

It initially began as a weekly podcast before anyone even knew what a podcast was, and has since evolved into a website that not only supports the podcast but a host of other boredom stimulating content.

Why the name, ‘Stimulated Boredom’?

The name is a purposeful oxymoron. The purpose is simple, to provide a place where your boredom can be stimulated, by delivering content and discussion that covers a diverse range of topics, ideas, and opinions.

Whether it’s a complicated and detailed discussion of the Big Bang Theory, World War II or current events – to lighter topics such as movies, technology, comic books or video games – you are sure to find compelling content that will entertain, educate, and inform.

Is Stimulated Boredom a “professional” podcast?

Stimulated Boredom is 100% user-generated content that is independently recorded, produced and maintained by the owner and host, Dana Sciandra.
The podcast is produced in his free time and is available for free via multiple channels.

How long has Stimulated Boredom been around?

The show began in February 2005. Although initially started as a podcast, the Stimulated Boredom website has rapidly evolved into a hub for reviews, articles and other interesting/entertaining content to keep your boredom stimulated.

Where is Stimulated Boredom heard?

The podcast has listeners in all 50 states and over 112 countries. ‘SB’ listeners are a diverse mixture of ethnicity, gender, political leanings, opinions and cultures from around the globe.

How often are new podcast episodes or website content added?

For many years Stimulated Boredom was a weekly program. However in recent years and as the website audience has grown, new podcast episodes became more of an infrequent supplement to the many different kinds of content found on the site.

For example, during the last couple seasons of Game of Thrones, the podcast returned to a weekly schedule as we discussed each week’s episode in detail.

Therefore, a little time may pass in-between when new podcast episodes and articles are shared, but I encourage you to check out the hundreds of past episodes and to subscribe to the show or check the website from time to time to catch any new content as it becomes available. You can also follow me on social media to be alerted when new content is posted.

The podcast is available on-demand via iTunes and Apple Podcasts and through an assortment of other listening options.

How long is each podcast?

Each episode is usually between 1-3 hours in length; occasionally longer if a guest is on.
The program used to be 12-15 hours a week, however, a guy has to have a life, so it was reduced to a (much) more manageable time frame!

Is the show censored?

Nope. The FCC does not regulate internet radio or podcasting; therefore I don’t feel constrained by advertisers, regulations, station affiliations, etc. I just wanted to create something that allowed for frank and honest discussion, without having to think twice before saying it or having my content influenced by any restrictions.

For those reasons, I believe that podcasts are an incredible platform for truthful, direct, honest, impassioned, conversational and thought-provoking content.


How do I listen to the show?

There are many ways to hear Stimulated Boredom. For the most up-to-date options, please visit this page.

Whether streaming directly through the website, subscribing via iTunes and Apple Podcasts, or through mobile apps, there is sure to be an option that works best for you and how you like to listen.


Who is the host with the most?

For more information, please visit the “Meet The Host” page for a quick and entertaining Q&A with Dana Sciandra.

Why did you start the podcast and website?

The earliest seeds of the program were sown by the 1990 movie, “Pump up the Volume.” In the film, an introverted and insightful teenager finds an outlet for his viewpoints through shortwave radio and uses his pirate radio show to rant against the injustices and hypocrisies taking place in his community, school, and in society in general. To his great surprise, he realizes that he’s garnered a loyal following of listeners and can effect change. I always found this concept very appealing.

I started the program back in 2005 as a reaction to my frustration with the 2004 Presidential election and needing a place to vent. Frankly, my friends and family were getting tired of my incessant need to express my opinion and desire to debate.

So, I researched ways to create my own ‘pirate radio station’ and learned about a very new and emerging platform called ‘podcasting,’ at a time when no one had a clue what the hell they were.

The website and everything else surrounding the show evolved from there.

What is your political affiliation?

I am a staunch Independent. Concerning political/social discussions on the podcast and website, I am neither liberal, conservative, libertarian, moderate or progressive.

As should be the case with anyone who is contemplating the complexities of domestic, foreign and social issues, I am all of these descriptions. The adjective that best describes my stance is wholly contingent upon the individual subject, and not the naïve acceptance of each plank of a particular political party’s platform. There’s a deep divide between honesty and ideology these days.

I am a profoundly opinionated and passionate person who stresses being informed, accurate and seeing all sides of a debate before formulating a personal opinion, including the right to change my mind; a virtue that is lost in today’s ‘my team versus your team’ political environment.

Do you get paid?

Nope. But I do accept tips and delicious baked goods.

I get asked this pretty often, mainly why I would put so much effort into something without any compensation. The simple answer is that I enjoy it. For me, it’s no different than pouring countless hours into a hobby that you love. I am passionate about the things that I talk/write about, and the podcast/website is an excellent outlet for this.

If people would like to support the show they can donate through Paypal. 100% of all donations go into producing the program and covering hosting and website fees.

I used to offer merchandise and may do so again in the future, and I appreciate those who have purchased Stimulated Boredom gear. I also have no intention or inclination ever to make people pay to hear the show either.

Are you really as handsome as you sound?

How embarrassing… but yes, yes I am.