What is Stimulated Boredom?

Stimulated Boredom is a website, blog and podcast that covers many general interest topics, including geek culture, gaming, gadgets, reviews, technology, movies, humor, politics, current events and entertainment.

Why the name, ‘Stimulated Boredom’?

The name is a purposeful oxymoron. The intent is simple…to provide a place where your boredom can be stimulated, by providing content and discussion that covers a diverse range of topics, ideas and opinions.

Whether it’s a complex and detailed discussion of WWII, the Big Bang Theory or current events – to lighter topics such as movies, technology, comic books or video games – you are sure to find interesting content that entertains, informs, and provides you with new opinions and perspectives to consider for yourself.

Is Stimulated Boredom a “professional” podcast?

Not in the sense of terrestrial (AM/FM) radio or corporate sponsors, which helps the podcast to maintain its independence. Stimulated Boredom is 100% user generated content that is recorded, produced and maintained solely by the host, Dana Sciandra. The podcast is produced in his free time and is available for free via multiple channels.

How long has Stimulated Boredom been around?

The show began in February of 2005. Although originally started as a podcast, the Stimulated Boredom website has rapidly grown into a hub for reviews, articles and other interesting / entertaining content to keep your boredom stimulated.

Where is Stimulated Boredom heard?

The podcast has listeners in all 50 states and over 115 countries. ‘SB’ listeners are a diverse mixture of ethnicity, gender, political leanings, opinions and cultures from around the World.

How often is a new show produced?

Stimulated Boredom is (usually) a weekly program, but sometimes life intervenes and there might be a delay in between new shows.

Generally each new show is available no later than Monday, however most new shows are launched over the weekend, as recording is usually done on Friday nights. The show is available on-demand via iTunes, the official Stimulated Boredom apps and many other listening options.

How long is each show?

Each week’s show is usually between 1-2 hours in length; occasionally longer if a guest is on. The program used to be 12-15 hours a week, however a guy has to have a life, so it was reduced to a (much) more manageable time frame!

Is the show censored?

Nope. Since the FCC does not regulate internet radio or podcasts, freedom of expression is not stifled as the show approaches the most relevant (and often times controversial) topics of the day, in addition to interesting and entertaining historical discussion and opinion.

“Uncensored” does not necessarily translate to “profane”, but it does mean that opinions and comments (including language) are not influenced by FCC regulations or sponsors and therefore can be truthful, direct, honest, impassioned, conversational and thought provoking.


How do I listen to the show?

There are a number of ways to hear Stimulated Boredom, all of them free! For the most up-to-date and popular options, please visit the “Listen Now!” page.

Whether directly through the website, podcast, direct streaming or through mobile apps…there is sure to be an option that works best for you and how you like to listen.

How often is the show updated?

Weekly. I generally record the show on a Friday or Saturday and upload shortly after, however my promise to listeners is that there will always be new material available no later than Monday morning each week…unless, of course, I am taking time off.


Who is the host with the most?

For more information on the host, please visit the, “Meet The Host” page for a Quick Q&A that discusses the origins of the show and other information about Dana Sciandra.

Why did you start the show?

How else am I going to build my cult intended for World domination (cue maniacal laughter)?

The short answer is that I am a student of debate, have an opinion on just about everything, am passionate about many topics and love conversation. I enjoy hearing the opinions of others, sharing my own and have been told that I am able to explain complex issues in a way that is entertaining, accessible and easy to understand (I pay the people who say that, of course).

I have also been described as, “Knowing a little about a lot…and a lot about a little”.

After the 2004 election, I was so frustrated by the political process that I decided to take my opinions and frustration from the dining room table to the airwaves, and wanted to provide a more independent voice to discuss, entertain and educate people by discussing both sides of an issue and sharing my opinion for others to consider for themselves.

The show simply evolved from there to start including my other topics of interest and personal passion: history, science, gadgets, social issues, news, comic books, movies, gaming, technology and anything else I have an opinion on (which pretty much includes everything). 🙂

I put a premium on accuracy, as well as making it clear when discussing my personal opinion on a subject. My ultimate goal is for people to be entertained, educated and come away with a better understanding of a new or old subject, something to consider when formulating their own opinion and armed with new knowledge for their next conversation.

What is your political affiliation?

I am a registered & staunch ‘NPA’ (No Party Affiliation).

I am neither liberal, conservative, libertarian, moderate or progressive. As should be the case with any intelligent human being who is contemplating the complexities of domestic, foreign and social issues, I am in fact all of these descriptions…the adjective that best describes my stance is wholly contingent upon the individual topic or issue…not a broad based and naïve acceptance of all of the planks of a particular parties platform or ideology. However, let there be no mistake, as I am a deeply opinionated and passionate person who stresses being informed and seeing all sides of the debate, including the right and ability to change my mind! A virtue that appears to be lost sometimes in today’s ‘my team versus your team’ political environment…

I have voted for both parties. You can visit here to read more on my personal politics.

Do you get paid?

No. I do the show and website because I love it and am passionate about the topics I discuss and the people that it reaches and influences. If it were not for feedback and emails from listeners all over the World, I may have stopped long ago…they (you) are the driving force.

I do, however, pay monthly hosting fees and all other show related expenses out of pocket. The purchase of show merchandise or the mobile apps helps to defer the cost. Other than that, I do not collect a penny for doing the show. I equate it to the time people will dedicate towards a hobby that they are passionate about…if you love it, it’s easy and fun to do.

After years of doing Stimulated Boredom, what keeps you coming back / motivated every week?

Simple: All of you. You keep listening and writing the show…I’ll keep talking. That is the deal we have and it has worked out pretty well, me thinks. 🙂

Are you really as handsome as you sound?

How embarrassing… but yes, yes I am.