After a number of requests, I have decided to update and re-do my “Computer Maintenance 101” video (formally titled, “The Humans Are Dead: aka: Basic Computer Maintenance“).

The new version is a much higher quality HD screen cast version in order to make the tips and tricks for speeding up your computer a lot easier to see and to follow.

Here is the new video and contained within are easy and helpful tips for speeding up your computer’s performance, cleaning out clutter and unnecessary files, defragmenting your drive and turning off start up programs that utilize RAM and thereby slow down your system.

I hope that you enjoy it! Please feel free to email me with any questions and/or comments, or simply include them in the comment section below or on the YouTube version of the video. Thanks!

NOTE: You can also CLICK HERE for the full HD version on MUCH higher quality than YouTube version.

Be sure to choose the HD / full screen version for the best viewing experience!

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– Dana