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The Bose SoundLink Bluetooth On-Ear headphones are extremely comfortable, compact, and provide outstanding sound performance. The battery will easily last you throughout the day, clocking in at around 15 hours of continuous use between recharges, and the headset also allows you to receive calls. The controls are intuitively placed, easy to operate and allow for a fully wireless experience.


It’s Bose, so they come with a somewhat hefty price tag of $249.95. Also, the Bose Soundlink Bluetooth On-Ear headphones are not ideal for those who wish to use them during workouts or going for a run, as they will likely slip off of your head during vigorous activities. In addition, being that they’re on-ear headphones, you won’t experience the same amount of noise cancellation that you might receive with an over or around the ear pair.


With excellent sound, battery life, as well as a very light and comfortable design, the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth On-Ear headphones are probably the best on-ear wireless headphones available today. However, if you prefer around-ear wireless headphones, Bose has also recently made that option available.

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I have big ears.

Boy, it feels good to finally get that off of my chest.

With that being said, over-ear headphones can often cause me great discomfort over prolonged periods of use. My favorite over-ear set of wired cans is the V-Moda Crossfade LP, but after an hour or so they start to uncomfortably dig into the cartilage at the top of my ears (which don’t fully fit inside of the cups) and I begin to suffer from ‘hot ear’ ….besides, I hate being tethered by a cord.


The Bose Soundlink Bluetooth On-Ear headphones come with extremely comfortable memory foam ear pads that rest snugly on top of your ears, without the discomfort that I often experience with a set of over-ear headphones. At 5.4 ounces, the Bose Soundlink Bluetooth On-Ear headset is very light …and thanks to the cushy memory foam ear cups, I am able to wear them for hours without my ears becoming uncomfortable.

The headphones fit snugly over your head, but not so much that they feel like a clamp. As such, the headset will move around if you’re doing any vigorous activities like running, but will stay perfectly in place if you’re doing chores around the house, jamming out while you work in the office, or engaging in yard work or light exercise. However, due to the price tag and the soft material of the ear cups, I doubt that anyone will want to buy this set of headphones just to sweat all over them. Gross.

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In terms of sound quality, Bose products always deliver in my opinion. Of all of the wireless headsets that I tried, the Bose Soundlink Bluetooth On-Ear headset provided the fullest sound, while exhibiting zero distortion at high volumes or being guilty of some amount of sound bleed often associated with on-ear headsets.

Basically, these are easily the best sounding Bluetooth headphones that I’ve heard so far. Keeping in mind that wireless technology is still digital, these headphones won’t sound as loud or ‘full’ as a pair of quality wired headsets, but they are far and away better than other wireless sets.

The Soundlink’s are also equipped with a two-way microphone that utilize a technology that Bose refers to as Adaptive Audio Adjustment. Basically, what this means is that the headset will automatically adjust the volume of calls based on the environment you’re in and your level of speech.

So whether I’m out walking the dogs in the neighborhood, in the house doing chores or walking the busy streets of D.C., the Bose Soundlink’s built-in microphone will detect the environment and adjust the volume accordingly. It’s pretty sweet, and I’ve found that it works well in all of the previously listed examples.

Included in the package are a carrying case, along with a Micro-USB charging cord and a separate cable that can be used for a wired connection, should your headset ever run out of juice. My experience with the wired connection was, “Meh,” as the sound quality is noticeably less dynamic when using the wired connection over a wireless one.

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Quality headphones don’t come cheap, and the Bose Soundlink Bluetooth On-Ear’s are no exception.

As someone who owns a number of Bose products, I am confident in their quality – both build and audio – in that I know (from experience) that it’s unlikely I’ll need to buy a replacement anytime soon, which makes the investment worth it in my opinion.

As I stated previously, the on-ear style is far more comfortable for me to wear for prolonged periods of time, and loud enough for every environment that I’ve used them in, including on flights to drown out ambient airplane and passenger noise. I use them daily, have not been disappointed once, and am confident in providing my full recommendation should you be considering them!