Amazon has begun pushing out firmware update 6.2.2 today. From the changes I have seen so far, it includes: a handful of small performance tweaks, bugs fixes and, most notably, adds a full-screen mode to the device’s Silk browser.

At the time of this writing, Amazon has not yet updated the Kindle Fire updates page with additional details and specifics, but I am sure more (official) information will become available soon.

    Official Update from Amazon:

  • We have a new, free over-the-air software update available for Kindle Fire. This update enhances fluidity and performance, improves support for manually set up e-mail providers in the Email app, and offers a new full screen mode for viewing web pages. The update will be automatically delivered to your Kindle Fire.

Amazon is reported to be pushing the update out as I type this – however for those of you who are as impatient as I am and not seeing the update yet, you can download and manually install the update if you do not want to wait for the OTA (Over The Air) update.

Simply download and copy (sideload) the file to the ‘kindleupdates’ folder on your Fire — you will need a micro-USB cord or file management app in order to do this.

After the file is added to the ‘kindleupdates’ folder: Quick Settings –> More (+) –> Device –> Update Your Kindle.

Download Kindle Fire Firmware Update 6.2.2 Here

Note: You can select the link and download it from within the Silk Browser on your Fire, but remember that it must be moved to the ‘kindleupdates’ folder on your device before you can install and update.

You can do this either by connecting to your computer via micro-USB (just drag & drop the file into the folder) or by using a file management app like ES File Explorer, that provides you access to your files & folders without having to connect to a computer.

The newest firmware version will read: 6.2.2_user_3205220

I created this video to help people with doing a manual update | install:

For my hacker friends, 6.2.2 does break root…sorry 🙁

I’m still searching through the device to see what other goodies I can discover, however so far it appears to be mostly a maintenance update with some back-end tweaks to improve the overall performance.

I will say that I do like the new full-screen mode that is now available for the Silk browser, adding a nice addition to the web browsing experience on the Fire.

Please feel free to add any additional improvements (or bugs) that you find, in the comment section.

For more information, you can also view my comprehensive 4-part video tutorial and review of the Kindle Fire.