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Fans of Joss Whedon’s cult hit sci-fi TV show, Firefly, were treated to an awesome surprise yesterday when it was announced that the upcoming Firefly Online game will be voiced by the original cast, who will take on the voiceover roles of their beloved characters.

Shiny. 🙂

The announcement was made on Thursday night at a panel for the game at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Firefly Online, which will be an online action-role playing game, allows the player to assume the role of ship captain, assembling a crew, completing missions and to (most importantly) keep flying.

It’s unclear whether or not you’ll be able to helm the crew of the famed Serenity yourself — or if they will just be used for cutscenes.

However, the involvement of fan favorites like Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Gina Torres, Adam Baldwin and Summer Glau is an exciting addition to an already eagerly anticipated game, and could be considered an endorsement of the game’s adherence to Firefly canon.

Developer Spark Plug Games also released the first trailer for Firefly Online Thursday that shows actual in-game footage; which will hopefully improve before the final release of the game.

Be sure to stick around until the end of the trailer for an extra special cameo.

"So no more running. I aim to misbehave."
“So no more running. I aim to misbehave.”

On a personal note – and as a massive fan of this incredible series whose life was cut way too short – I am over-the-moon excited for this game and will take my Firefly & Serenity fix wherever I can find it!

A release date for Firefly Online is still not known, however you can sign up to receive updates on the website.

At the time of writing this, the site is still down due to (undoubtedly) the massive traffic crush from fellow Browncoats looking to get more information on the upcoming title that will allow them to captain a ship and explore the ‘Verse.

Now that the original cast is involved, are you more excited about the game and what are you hoping to see / do when it is released?

Firefly Online will be released on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

Gift from my girlfriend to celebrate the 30 day "anniversary" since my last cigarette. :)
Recent gift from my girlfriend to celebrate the 30 day “anniversary” since my last cigarette. 🙂