There may not be anything cooler than ‘chicks’ that dig comic books (with the exception of those that play video games). And although it can be assumed that finding such women would be tantamount to a Bigfoot sighting (or a Glenn Beck fan that doesn’t have a learning disability), it turns out that they exist and – here’s the important part – they know their shit !

To add further ‘cool points’, one of them (Vanessa) is a Stimulated Boredom listener (which means she’s obviously smart) and BOTH are Florida State University fans! I couldn’t find a cooler duo if I tried to make them in a lab…and believe me I have tried…with disturbing results…but I digress.

Geek Girl – Vanessa G is run by Vanessa G and E. Peterman; a site that they created in which they wax poetic on all things comic book; including upcoming superhero movies, opinion, favorite comic artists and their art, character blogs and much more. I found myself stumbling upon the site a few months back and I enjoy frequenting the site to get a fresh new perspective from some real (and self-professed) fangirls who cite their love of strong female characters and “hatred of ugly speech bubbles”. 😉

Geek Girl – E. Peterman

I enjoy learning about the passions and interests of listeners (and other people) and was fortunate enough that Vanessa and E – quite frankly – have such a cool one, as I enjoy learning about new things through the eyes (and words) of those who truly enjoy a hobby or lifelong love of something. Whether it is comic books (as in this case), or learning about autocross racing (as I did recently with Chris, a listener who was kind enough to take me on a race run), it is always better to learn more about a subject from those who are most passionate about it. The enthusiasm is infectious and provides you with a greater appreciation for it.

I have always dug comic books, but nowhere near the fervor that these girls do, so I thought that I would share their site with the listeners and visitors, as I know for a fact that there are many listeners from around the world who share the same interest in comic books.

As an added bonus, Vanessa G is becoming a contributing writer for, where she will continue to share her passion for the entertainment and education of the listeners. I want to welcome Vanessa, as I am looking forward to her contributions as a Guest Writer…adds a little extra ‘nerd cred’ to the site!

Checkout ‘Girls Gone Geek’ Here

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Geeks Rule,