The Hero your SMS messaging deserves.
The Hero your SMS messaging deserves.

One of the great things about the Android operating system, is its freedom and ability to allow users to personalize their mobile devices in a way that reflects their personality.

Whether through live and/or static wallpapers, custom ROMS, widgets, launchers and themes; Android provides the flexibility to customize your mobile experience however you see fit and to show the world (for better or for worse!) what you are into.

Should you ever become bored with looking at the stock messaging app, you can easily find a diverse assortment of SMS apps and themes available on the Google Play store that will allow you to inject a little personality into your text and photo messaging.

One such alternative that I have begun using is GO SMS Pro. A popular messaging app, GO SMS Pro allows users to customize everything including their preferred fonts, colors, messaging style (i.e. chat bubbles, list etc) and background themes. You can select from a number of pre-installed themes, or you can download and install premium themes, most of which have a free and paid (no ads) version.

As a comic book fan, I opted to install their new Superhero Comic Book Theme.

Nobody talks to Batman like that.
Text to my girlfriend…Nobody talks to Batman like that.

Colorful and fun, the Superhero Comic Book Theme comes equipped with a Marvel Universe background image (I’m more of a DC guy, myself), 6 comic book themed fonts and the ability to customize EVERY other option in the app.

This includes changing the background image for both vertical and landscape orientation and a whole host of other customization options from appearance to notification settings.

It also comes equipped with a comic book themed pop-up for incoming messages (which I turned off because it felt too disruptive) and the ability to sync profile display images from your Facebook account and email contact lists.

I went ahead and paid for the Pro version ($1.76) in order to remove ads, but you can try out the free version first to make sure that you like it.

Select from 6 comic book font themes to add an additional and unique look to your messages.
Select from 6 comic book font themes to add an additional and unique look to your messages.

Confusing at first, I had a little trouble finding the new comic book themed fonts, as the app requires you to scan your device for ALL available fonts on your system (a long list on my phone). After multiple tries without success, I went ahead and also installed the free version before the appropriate fonts appeared.

However, after a quick email to the developer, they sent me an updated Apk file for the pro version, which fixed the font issue and allowed me to delete the free version from my phone. Although I was pleased with the quickness in which they addressed the issue, this needs to be something that they fix in a future update.

I recommend making GO SMS your default messaging app, or else you’ll be bombarded with notifications from both GO SMS and your stock messaging app. The RAM / memory footprint is also very small and should not slow down your device anymore than the stock app would.

All in all, if you are a comic book fan and want to reflect that part of your personality into your mobile device(s), I recommend giving GO SMS and the Superhero Comic Book theme a look.

It certainly adds a unique visual pop to your messages, is fun to look at, and on more than one occasion I have been asked where I got such a sweet looking messenger (*stands tall, puffs up chest and places fists on hips*).