Stumbled across this recently, thought it was just brilliant and wanted to share it.

As a lifelong WWII buff, I was impressed by how accurate and creative this was…whoever put it together knew their history and gave a wildly entertaining modern day interpretation of the conflict.

For example: One of the entries was after the USA “poked” Japan a couple of times (notice the subtly of using military time to denote actual years: “19:41”), followed by an entry where the USA left a comment on Japan’s wall stating, “No soup for you…lol”. This was a clever reference to the little known fact that FDR, in an attempt to provoke Japan before Pearl Harbor, cut off their oil supply (which would eventually cripple their navy) as I referenced awhile back in my article, “A Little Ditty ‘Bout WWII…“.

It is as a result of these little historical nuances that made this stand out to me and worth sharing, well done!

– Dana

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