Trump's Journey: An Absorbing Platformer with a Stellar Soundtrack
Trump’s Journey: An Absorbing Platformer with a Stellar Soundtrack

I stumbled across, “JAZZ: Trump’s Journey” awhile back, and as a lifelong jazz fan I immediately fell in love with the game.

This charming puzzle-solving platformer tells the story of Trump, an aspiring jazz musician, as you follow him on his journey to become a famous jazzman.

Closely paralleling the real life story of Louis Armstrong, you are thrust into 1920’s New Orleans, as you participate in the birth of jazz music.

Besides being an absorbing and polished mobile platformer with stylized graphics that incorporates fun puzzle-solving, the real standout of the game is its soundtrack.

As you play, you are treated to original jazz music that was recorded specifically for the game, of which provides a perfect musical backdrop to the gameplay.

The controls are excellent and intuitive, the style is unique and the story is both funny and engrossing. Puzzles are not terribly difficult to solve and along the way you collect musical notes (think: Mario Bros & coins) and hidden cards, while navigating each level and climbing ladders (think: Donkey Kong) towards your goal of forming a band and achieving jazz stardom.

You can also play your trumpet to stop time, which is a gameplay mechanic that is helpful when solving certain puzzles.

The developer also boasts the ability to deal with racism and social injustice in the 1920’s, but this is never really an aspect of the game that is fully fleshed out and/or obvious.

jazz-trumps-journey-screen stimulated boredom

I tested and played the Android version of the game on my Nexus 10. The game takes roughly 3-5 hours to complete and I am happy to recommend it to gamers who are fans of platformers, and especially for fans of jazz music.

JAZZ: Trump’s Journey” is available for both Android and iOS. The Android version offers the first 2 levels of the game for free as a demo.

Grade: B

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