What's HOT on Stitcher

It’s always nice when the show receives a little love. 🙂

Recently Stimulated Boredom became available on Stitcher, a very popular app that allows you listen to and “stitch” together your favorite podcasts on-demand and on-the-go. I actually use it myself on a daily basis during my commute to and from work.

Shortly after the show became available on Stitcher, I noticed that it began trending and became a “HOT” item due to the amount of people streaming the program; not to mention keeping great company by being sandwiched between, “This American Life” and “Fresh Air“…pretty cool. 🙂

About Stitcher

Stitcher is an amazing source for portable and personalized news and talk internet radio & podcasts. From business to tech news, from politics to comedy, Stitcher…well, “stitches” together the content you want into personalized, always-current stations that you can easily listen to on your iPhone | iPad, Android phone, Blackberry or computer.

Each day, the latest segments stream to you automatically, without you having to manually refresh anything. Stitcher lets you hear your world anywhere, anytime, on the go…and best of all, it’s FREE!

With Stitcher’s free mobile app, you can listen to your favorite podcasts & radio | TV programs anytime and anywhere you want. Stitcher’s wide breadth of programming lets you choose from the latest in news, sports, talk, business and entertainment from the media industry’s premier content providers.

Simply download the app, search for “Stimulated Boredom” and favorite it…that’s it! From then on, you’ll have access to the show whenever new content comes available each week.