geek lunch stimulated boredom

In this special mid-week show, I am sharing the first-ever “Geek Lunch” podcast with the talented ladies at, as they gather with friends to discus comic books and geek culture.

Listeners of Stimulated Boredom are undoubtedly familiar with the popular guest appearances of G3 co-creator, Vanessa G on the show. Her partner-in-crime, E. Peterman, was also recently a contributing writer for when she reviewed, “X-Men: First Class.”

As a producer of original content myself, I have a lot of love, respect and admiration for those who are passionate about something and who take that commitment to the airwaves and/or web. I have been friends with both Vanessa and Erika for a while now, enjoy their site and thought it would be fun to give their first (and great!) attempt at a podcast some exposure to the SB listeners from around the World. In my opinion, it’s about time they put one together. 🙂

I recorded a brief intro for the benefit of my listeners…however, to those who are visiting for the first time from the G3 website, welcome!