Kicking ass, taking names and making rainbows...
Kicking ass, taking names and making rainbows…

Welcome to the 400th Episode of Stimulated Boredom!

This week I am joined by Vanessa Gabriel from as we tackle everything from DC Comics, superhero movies, Community, Felicia Day and my (unhealthy) love of Batman; to politics, ObamaCare, the 24-hour news cycle and just about anything in between!

In this over 3-hour program, Vanessa and I had a blast just goofing off and having our own little geek session, before eventually moving to some of the top stories of the week. But don’t let the title fool you, although there is a lot of lighthearted and entertaining discussion, we also approach the more serious topics with the thoughtfulness and consideration that they deserve.

There is something for everyone in this week’s show and we hope that you enjoy our diverse range of discussion, as much as we enjoyed recording it.

As always, enjoy the show!