Ain’t it just precious how ignorant people like to burn stuff? Books. Crosses. Other people’s bibles. If you don’t understand it, haven’t read it or feel threatened by it, burn it.

Agents of Intolerance: Religions Hold The Monopoly...

Burn a flag, burn a bible, burn a Qur’an…I don’t care, they are simply SYMBOLS & burning them in no way diminishes what they symbolize.

The irony is in one religious group burning the symbol of another religious group as the “exercise of free speech & expression”…as long as it isn’t their symbol, of course.

Reverse the roles and, “free speech & expression” becomes, “offensive and profane”. Adorable how that works…the 1st Amendment being situational, as long as it suits your purposes.

Do I find it abhorrent? Yes.

Do I think the 1st Amendment is more important than hurting people’s feelings? Absolutely.

Despite your right to do so, people of reasonable intellect can also distinguish between, “free expression” and those simply trying to get 15 minutes of fame and attention…without thought to the potential of inciting violence and validating perceptions of our society through the optics / images of such an event.

Grow up, America.

Whether it is fair or not, we are judged as a society by the weakest, most ridiculous, hateful, misinformed and ignorant links in our chain.

Sadly, we also love to put these people on TV.

– Dana