Stimulated Boredom host, Dana Sciandra, was mentioned in a recent edition of the “Social News Media Network.”

The SNM Network scours the social media landscape to find funny quips and comments, and using those comments to “report” the news…calling those they quote “reporters.” A pretty funny and entertaining concept that we were happy to stumble upon. 🙂

Followers and listeners of the show are all too familiar with Dana’s (usually politically incorrect) status updates and tweets, so it was a nice surprise to see one of them featured in a video.

When asked about the status update that was quoted, Dana responded, “They could have picked one of my better ones.” 😉

Anyway, you can check out the entertaining video below. You’ll see Dana’s mug pop up roughly about 6:40 into the video:

Feel free to check out more of the Social News Media Network’s funny videos, by visiting their website.

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