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NOTE: This page provides information about all of the different listening and subscription options that are available for the Stimulated Boredom podcast. Please visit the Podcast page for current shows, detailed episode descriptions and convenient listening links.

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Got Stimulation?

Stimulated Boredom is a pre-recorded weekly podcast that is available for free in a variety of ways. Whether through direct streaming on the website, iTunes, RSS, mobile device or interpretive dance…you are sure to find a listening option that best suits you.

The following are brief descriptions and links to some of the most popular listening and subscription options:

The Stimulated Boredom App:

Good news for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 users, you can now download the official Stimulated Boredom podcast app to your smartphone and tablets!

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Note: Although Stimulated Boredom is a free program, there is a one-time fee of $1.99 for the apps. This helps to support the podcast and assist in covering the app development costs. Thanks for supporting the show!


Stimulated Boredom is also available for free on iTunes. Download, stream or add the show directly to your iPod / iPhone on-demand!

Note: Due to a change in servers, the current iTunes channel provides all episodes recorded after February 1, 2010. Shows recorded prior to this date are no longer available on-demand.

Podcast Catcher Apps:

There are a number of popular podcast catcher apps available for both Android and iOS devices. Personally, I use and highly recommend Pocket Casts.

These applications make it extremely easy for you to find, subscribe, manage and listen to all of your favorite podcasts.

Simply search for “Stimulated Boredom” within the app and that’s it! Hit “subscribe” and all new SB episodes will update within the app, of which you can stream or download for offline listening.


RadioTime is the world’s largest and most complete radio guide, bringing 30 million monthly listeners from popular connected devices including Logitech Squeeze Radio, Sonos, WunderRadio, Roku, internet connected televisions and many more.

You can also listen to the show on-demand through the free RadioTime TuneIn app for the following mobile devises, simply search for ‘Stimulated Boredom’ once installed and add it to your presets:


Stitcher is an amazing source for portable and personalized news and talk internet radio & podcasts. Whether it’s business, news, technology, sports, gaming, politics or comedy that you seek, Stitcher will “stitch” together the content you want into personalized, always-current stations that you can easily listen to on your iPhone | iPad, Android phone, Blackberry or computer.

Each day, the latest segments stream to you automatically, without you having to manually refresh anything.

Simply download the free app, search for “Stimulated Boredom” and favorite it…that’s it! From then on, you’ll have access to the podcast whenever new content comes available each week.

Liberated Syndication & Archive:

This is where I host my audio files for the podcast version of the program and it also serves as the show’s full archive, where iTunes, the apps and other services pull from.

You can also visit the Podcast page for an archive of recent episodes.

You can easily stream current and past segments (just hit the “Pod” button next to the segment title) or download the original MP3 file (right-click on the MP3 link and select “Save link as”) to your computer or cell phone to be played or added to any number of audio players (e.g. Windows Media Player etc), non-iPod MP3 players or to your cell phone to listen to on the go.

Since I switched servers in February of 2010, you will only find all of the podcasts recorded from that date.


Blubrry is a social podcasting community that connects podcast producers, advertisers and everyone else that is looking for great independently produced content. You can visit the Stimulated Boredom Blubrry page on your browser to easily listen to, subscribe and share episodes.


Stimulated Boredom is also on YouTube! It DOES NOT replace, nor is it a video version of the talk show, but an additional dimension to the program. This includes product reviews, how-to videos, tutorials, show promos, opinion & personal videos.

Subscribe via RSS Feed:

RSS stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’. It is a URL (or feed) that people can subscribe to that will automatically update when new content is added to that feed…in this case, new episodes of Stimulated Boredom. Think of it as an audio ‘magazine subscription’, once you subscribe new ‘issues’ are sent to you (updated) automatically.

Note: You must use an RSS feed reader like Feedly or other reader apps available for download on desktop or mobile devices.