Stumbled across this recently, thought it was just brilliant and wanted to share it.

As a lifelong WWII buff, I was impressed by how accurate and creative this was…whoever put it together knew their history and gave a wildly entertaining modern day interpretation of the conflict.

For example: One of the entries was after the USA “poked” Japan a couple of times (notice the subtly of using military time to denote actual years: “19:41”), followed by an entry where the USA left a comment on Japan’s wall stating, “No soup for you…lol”. This was a clever reference to the little known fact that FDR, in an attempt to provoke Japan before Pearl Harbor, cut off their oil supply (which would eventually cripple their navy) as I referenced awhile back in my article, “A Little Ditty ‘Bout WWII…“.

It is as a result of these little historical nuances that made this stand out to me and worth sharing, well done!

– Dana

History 101: World War II on Facebook
  • That was cute. Probably would have been way funnier if I hadn’t flunked History. :/

  • J.D. Luedi

    This is cool – really an interesting idea. Hehe “military time” or as Europe calls it “time” – way better than stupid am pm stuff.

    I liked the little details like the western powers indifference to czechoslovakia after Munich and the oil embargos by the US on Japan.

    My only real complaint is that nowhere is Canada mentioned. There is a reason the Canadian Forces were called the Cinderella Army – no remembered to invite us to the ball. I am half-canadian and I find it somewhat offensive that the canadian war effort isn’t mentioned anywhere (hell Haiti got a reference for pete’s sake!). They could have thrown something in about the Canadian liberation of most of Holland (the Netherlands sends Ottawa 10,000 tulips every year in thanks). For a nation of only 1 million people Canada raised 1,100,000 troops during the war and by the end had the world’s 4th largest airforce and 3rd largest navy. Of course you can’t fit everything in something like this…but I think its a glaring enough ommission to warrant comment.

    I noticed some other minor errors/ommisions – but they mainly irk my nerdhood so I HAD to mention them like the history freak I am
    – No mention of Vichy France
    – No mention of the Lend Lease Program
    – No mention of Big Three, Yalta, Tehran
    – Ethiopia should be labeld Abyssinia
    – Japan should labeled as Empire of Japan and Germany as Deutsches Reich and Grossdeutsches Reich after 1943
    – I am assuming you can’t use a swastika as part of facebook policy – still argh (I am always amused that you can show the USSR flag with no problem – a regime that killed far people than the Third Reich)
    -The US flag pictured has 50 stars instead of 48
    – I liked the little entry on Switzerland…although our flag is square not rectangular

    Of course there is a huge amount of other stuff I could add – but like I said – impossible to fit all of WWII in such a medium – overall hilarious and insightful undertaking

  • J.D. Luedi

    That should read for a nation of 11 million

  • Wait, Canada is a real country?!?

    I just thought it was a place that Michael Moore made up.

  • Lagypin

    why would you list the things they got wrong? who cares if they left a few things out. it’s incredibly detailed and creatively done. lighten up.

  • J.D. Luedi

    Oh I think its a great piece of historical insight and comedy – I am just an ass I guess…haters gonna hate i guess. I appreciate you calling me out on it…retrospectively it does come across rather douchey.