Track your favorite artists and never miss them live.

Is That A Concert In Your Pocket…Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Checking in to places and (badly) drawing things for your friends can be fun, but occasionally an app comes along that genuinely fits into your life and fills a void that you never knew you had until it was filled.

As a massive music fan and lover of live concerts, the release of the new Songkick app has officially filled that hole in my heart, the one that always made me feel like something was missing from my vast collection of mobile apps.

And, no, I’m not being overly-dramatic or exaggerating…I really love music…like, a lot…too much probably…I want to be music’s boyfriend…music has a restraining order out against me. I’m not allowed to talk about it.

So, What Does It Do That’s So Damn Special?

First off, you’re coming across as very aggressive, so slow your roll. Secondly, I’m getting to that part…

Boasting, “100,000 Concerts In Your Pocket“, Songkick is your new best friend when it comes to tracking your favorite artists, finding out who is performing live nearby and even purchasing tickets.

Upon downloading and installing the (free) app, it will automatically scan the music library on your phone in order to get a feel for your musical taste, in addition to the option to import your favorite artists from your and Pandora accounts. If you’re on an Android device, it will also automatically scan your ‘Play Music‘ account, further refining the types of artists that you would be most interested in hearing about. You also have the option to manually add artists, too.

From there you are treated to an attractive UI that allows you to easily see which of your favorite artists is currently on tour, show dates (including other cities, in the event that you’re traveling), concerts happening nearby and viewing a calendar of local upcoming events, months in advance.

The app also suggests bands and artists that you might like, based upon your musical preferences. This is a particularly handy feature, especially if you are in the mood to “discover” a new band that might be playing in your neck of the woods soon.

Click on any of the following screen captures to see more of the app:

Other Features:

  • Select “I’m Going” or “I Might Go” for shows. Selecting either will track the concert for you within the app
  • Purchase tickets to the show directly from within the app
  • Share concerts and dates to Facebook, Twitter, via email and many other options
  • Easily add a concert and its details to your phone’s internal calendar
  • See the line-up scheduled for each show, including who the opening act is going to be
  • Track artists and their full schedule of tour dates
  • Personalized list of concerts coming to your town based upon your musical preferences

Beyond that, the app will also show you concerts that are happening outside of your city within a certain range. For instance, it listed a concert I might be interested in going to that is about 40 miles away from me…a reasonable distance to travel, if it means seeing one of my favorite bands.

The Songkick app is a simple, clean and attractive way to keep track of upcoming shows and to stay “in-the-know” as it relates to when your favorite artists are coming to your hometown. For those on Android 4.0 (ICS), the app has full ICS support and looks fantastic.

My only criticism (so far) is that there is no way to selectively choose how you want the app to scan your music library, it just does it en masse when you first open it. As a result, it may populate your lists with artists that you may not want to track. Of course, you can remove them manually…but still a pain, regardless. Personally, I recommend NOT importing your Pandora artists. Pandora suggests a lot of artists to you via your playlists that you may not want to track or clutter up the app. Just a suggestion.

The Songkick app is available for free in both the App Store and in the Android Google Play market. If you’re a music fan like me or simply want to take it for a test drive, go ahead and nab it!