Henry Cavill: The new, "Man of Steel."
Henry Cavill is the new, “Man of Steel.”

Week of: June 17 – June 24, 2013 (2 hrs 33 mins)

Resident comic book experts, Vanessa Gabriel and Erika Peterman of Girls Gone Geek, join me as we discuss and review the new, “Man of Steel” movie!

In this 2.5 hour episode we cover everything from the different comic book story arcs that were incorporated into the script, to our feelings on the movie, the “controversy” over Jesus imagery, the wanton destruction of Metropolis and Henry Cavill’s bare chested Kryptonian nipples. <-- that one's for the ladies. Spoiler Alert: This conversation covers the entire movie and contains a TON of spoilers…like, alot…too many, probably. Therefore, I recommend that you see the movie before listening to this episode…you’ve been warned.

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What did you think of the movie? Feel free to share your impressions and questions about the movie in the comments section!

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  • serenityq2

    so disagree with you on the killing. when i think of superman i dont think of him ever killing anyone. i would see batman killing before him, he’s “dark knight” and blah blah blah. my heart literally sank and broke when i saw that scene and i had to force myself from leaving. i also didnt like the tornado scene, so stupid cause pa kent didnt have to die. i like the kents being alive for clark to go and visit and have family moments and seek advice. he doesnt have to die just because he died in the donner film. shannon did a better job than i thought he would but i would still have cast someone else. amy adams just wasnt lois to me. she could have called jane smith and there is no difference. i just didnt buy her as being tough or strong when looking at her or when she spoke. erica durance would have rocked this but they also needed to incorporate her military and martial arts background like they did in the smallville tv show. i know i am nick picking here but it was really distracting to see cavil being so hairy. its one thing when didnt have a shirt on but when i can see his hairs sticking out of the collar and sleeves of his costume, its a bit much. really grossed me out.

    as for the christianity angle: i’m not a christian so i dont go out of my way to see something i dont care about. i know OF jesus but i dont know ABOUT him and since im not into him or think so highly when i see someone doing something he has done i dont think of him. when the trailer came out people were talking about this and i didnt see it. when i watched the movie i also didnt see any of these imagery. there was the church scene but he was raised by a white couple in kansas so him being a christian is all but certain. if i was to compare superman’s story it would be to krishna but im a very literal person: unless krypton is a type of heaven and kal-el is literal a god who was born through immaculate comception from a human, i just dont see it.

    as for what i liked: FAORA! that girl rocked! its really sad when you are rooting for a villain but aigoo she was just too awesome. this is how females should be portrayed in action films: not weighed down by some love subplot, feminine but not weak, sexy but not overt, confidant, sassy and cool.
    The opening sequence on krypton was the best part of the movie for me. going into the movie i didnt expect to like man of steel but they got me from start. i so didnt want to leave. forget earth give me krypton. it just reiterated why the jor-el/lara-van back up in action comics is so awesome. the action scenes were really good, i dont think they went on too long. the collateral damage was a bit much but its synder: he’s a 14 hetero male inside, things must go boom. visually i was stunned by cinematography. really beautiful. the good out weighed the bad for me but i more enjoyed the potential the movie has set up more so than the movie itself. i know i’m in the minority on this (as i am on many things) but i put this on the same level of superman returns. i liked both for some things and didnt like both for certain things. returns never made me angry just bored or annoyed in some parts mostly using lex for the thousandth time. man of steel made me angry doing things that i personally thought of as stupid, and nothing irks me more than stupidity.