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About a week after the series finale of Game of Thrones, the dust started to settle on the ending we were given, and the conclusion we all hoped for. Much of this afterthought is decidedly different than the initial reactions on the last podcast and predominantly plagued with disappointment.

All up in my feelings and desperately in need of closure, I texted Pete and Dana about doing another GoT podcast to work out the residual emotion on the fate of Westeros. Instantly, Pete mirrored my sentiment. Dana, however, we had to convince on this episode.

Pete and I were successful.

Share in our chagrin as we contemplate what could have happened, and what probably should have happened.

  • The problem of the Three-Eyed Raven
  • Sansa would have been a more interesting ruler
  • John deserved far better
  • Cersei deserved far worse
  • Jumping the Night shark, and subsequent opportunities missed
  • Tyrion was so much smarter before
  • With great power comes great responsibility
  • The Double D greed and rushing the end
  • Juggernaut effect on the actors
  • The Night King is just a guy
  • The costumes and visuals are still the best of the best
  • Thanks to the excellent costume and set designers!

Game of Thrones may be over, but Stimulated Boredom is not. Stay tuned for more Dana, Pete, and V in your earholes just as soon as Dana negotiates his contract with baby Olivia.

In the meantime, we’re accepting topic suggestions in the comments.

Talk soon!