Jon Snow and Drogon Eastwatch episode

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All of our hopes of a Jaime hostage situation are for naught. He made it back to his evil sister, fraught from watching his men die, and with dragon breath still in his hair. We all love to love Jaime, but he is an utter fool when it comes to Cersei. He is also terrified of her. We all should be.

All is not a soul-crushing Lannister make-out session, we still get a (convenient) Tyrion and Jaime reunion. The two negotiated an armistice, because of course they did.

Jaime and Bron

Politically due North, Littlefinger is playing our darling Arya like a fiddle. It’s sad really. The Stark girls don’t understand how much their own house means to one another. If they did, their alliance could be ice solid. Except, they don’t know what we know. It’s maddening.

What is also frustrating is how Samwell, our faithful informant at the Citadel, emotionally glazes over a High Septon’s diary entry about performing an annulment for Rhaegar, and marrying him to someone else at the same time in a secret ceremony in Dorne.

You guys. This means Lyanna and Rhaegar were wed. Jon Snow is legitimate AF.

This episode was a drastic departure from last week’s adrenalin, but full of confluence…

  • Jonaerys #4eva
  • Olenna’s message is delivered
  • Tarly-pocalypse
  • Sam and Gilly hit the road
  • Tormund misses Brienne
  • Hey, Gendry
  • GoT Suicide Squad
  • The army of the dead is OTW

As always, my friends, we want to hear your thoughts, comments, ideas and Game of Thrones theories in the comments. Pleases and thank yous, until next week.


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