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This is the point in the season where viewers typically cry into the interwebs about slow-pacing and dodgy narrative, but not in Season 7. Cinematic is the word I would use to describe this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, and it moved us through the story with ease and quintessential dialogues. It was delightful… and sometimes disturbing. It is Game of Thrones, ya’ll.

The delight came in waves. First, as Dany postures to a steely Jon Snow, we had to know that it wouldn’t be easy for the two of them to see eye-to-eye. The Mother of Dragons’ fuel has been fired by lineage and indignation. Our favorite Broody McBrooderson thinks all of that is small in comparison to a giant army of ice zombies. Well, Dany doesn’t do “small” talk, but thank goodness Tyrion does. Multiple waves of delight come in every one of his awkward one-liners.

Watching Sansa take charge of Winterfell, and display her leadership acumen has been a long time coming as was that second Stark reunion. Still, it would have been way mo’ delight if it was Arya instead of Bran. While his homecoming is huge, it is also strange. I hope his Three-Eyed Raven situation compels Sansa to declare him unfit, and she remains Queen.

Also, incredibly delightful…

  • Jon’s face the first time he sees a dragon
  • Euron taunting Jaime
  • Littlefinger’s oddly existential get-hype speech to Sansa
  • Strange subtext between Melisandra and Verys
  • Ser Davos’s defense of Jon Snow
  • Jorah is healed and Sam gets a compliment
  • The Queen of Thorns calls Joffrey a cunt one last time

As for the disturbing bits, they were provided to us almost in their entirety by Cersei’s version of justice. Admittedly, I was quite concerned about how the show would handle Ellaria’s retribution for killing Myrcella. I worried they would go the way of Oberyn, and Franken-Mountain would dismember, disembowel and decapitate the Dornish women in the most grotesque way possible. Instead, Cersei’s monologue and revenge are sadistic poetry, making us hate to love her that much more.

Also disturbing…

  • That one Greyjoy ship heading back to Dragonstone
  • All those Unsullied ships on fire
  • Euron’s half-chub for Yara on a leash
  • Jaime rubs his arm nub, Cersei gives him head
  • The Iron Bank’s bets
  • Bran recalling snowflakes and Sansa in her wedding dress

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