Got Stimulation?

Stimulated Boredom is available for free in a variety of ways, including direct streaming on the website, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, through your favorite podcast app, or via the show archive.

The following are some of the most popular listening and subscription options:

Apple Podcasts | iTunes

Subscribe to and download the show directly to your iOS device.

Note: Due to a change in servers, the current iTunes channel provides all episodes recorded after February 1, 2010. Shows recorded prior to this date are no longer available on-demand.

Google Play Music

Listen on Google Play Music

Podcast Catcher Apps

There are a number of popular podcast catcher apps available for both Android and iOS devices. I personally use and recommend Pocket Casts.

These applications make it extremely easy for you to find, subscribe, download, and listen to all of your favorite podcasts. Here are just a few for you to consider.

Simply search for “Stimulated Boredom” within most podcast catcher apps and hit “Subscribe.” All new Stimulated Boredom episodes will update within the app, of which you can stream or download for offline listening.


Stitcher is great for personalized news and podcasts. Whether it’s business, current events, technology, sports, gaming, politics or comedy that you seek, Stitcher will “stitch” together all of the content you want into personalized, always-current stations that you can easily listen to on your iPhone, Android phone, or computer.

Simply download the free app or visit the Stimulated Boredom podcast page on and favorite it. From then on, you’ll have access to the podcast whenever new content is available.


Blubrry is a social podcasting community that connects podcast producers, advertisers and everyone else that is looking for great independently produced content. You can visit the Stimulated Boredom Blubrry page on your browser to easily listen to, subscribe and share episodes.

Happy Listening!