The Effects of the BP Oil Spill Wash Ashore

I would like to send out a friendly, “Go Fuck Yourself” to anyone who has attempted to marginalize the BP oil spill, simply becomes it has become “inconvenient” or “embarrassing” in juxtaposition to their own pre-spill political statements, how your party aligns on the topic of offshore drilling or simply because you are too much of a coward to simply admit that you’re wrong. I look at these pictures and feel embarrassed that my species has been nothing but a scourge to this planet….

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I feel sick…and very angry.

This is an industry that has spent hundreds of millions in efforts to remove regulation, promising that they have contingencies to deal with spills 10x worse than this. For over 40 days, I have been a disgusted audience to an incompetent clown show of, “let’s throw some shit on the wall and see what sticks” in terms of solutions. Then, to add insult to injury, all of the people who profess to hate government intervention (pre-spill) see a political opportunity to demand that government come in and save the day (post-spill). It’s cute the way that works. Personally, I could give a shit about whose responsibility it is, just plug the goddamn hole.

I read this morning that BP has been paying a considerable amount of money on Google Adwords campaigns to ensure that searches for information on the spill and it’s environmental cost come up with more “BP-friendly” results. It has also been stated that one of the reasons they have not attempted to completely collapse the well, is because there is “still oil in them thar hills” and they would like to re-drill that location again in the future.

I wonder if the recent drop in my gas costs is just a coincidental PR reaction to ‘negative oil news’ and to prevent people from demanding serious alternative solutions (rhetorical question). We can land a man on the moon in the 60’s, drop a precision bomb through the eye of a needle, have our cell phones do everything short of bringing us to climax…but we just can’t seem to figure out how to make a car run without the refinement by-product of that finite black crap we pump out of the ground…baffles us.

Trust me, I understand that gasoline is not the only by-product of the refinement process. There is a tremendous amount of petroleum-based products that we use everyday…however, no one can argue against the fact that cars are the lion’s share of why we need oil…and lots of it.

I am further enraged when I think of the profits posted each quarter by gas companies (an obvious sign that we, as consumers, are being charged far more than we need to), then hearing complaints from BP about the amount of money they are losing each day (as though this makes them some kind of financial martyr).

Some speculate that this disaster might result in BP going under / out-of-business…good…fuck them. Let this be a lesson to surviving gas companies that drilling on the cheap and not taking necessary precautions to prevent a disaster of this magnitude could result in the destruction of their company…and with it, their beloved profit margins.

– Dana