President Obama & Charlie Crist in Ft. Myers
President Obama & Charlie Crist in Ft. Myers

Sent to the Campaign Manager and Communications Director. If you are like-minded, I urge you to do the same:

Good afternoon,

I am an Independent voter from Orange County. I voted for Crist as Governor in the last election and I plan to vote to send him to the U.S. Senate – with one caveat – ONLY if he runs as an Independent…as I have no inclination or interest in watching 2 Republicans try to out-run each other to the right for the sole purpose of party financial backing. It is of my opinion that Gov Crist should stop pandering and running on conservative bona fides to simply abate and appease fringe Republicans. Marco Rubio has that small percentage of voters covered.

As an Independent, what attracted me to Gov Crist is the fact that he is one of the only Republican Governors that has shown ANY kind of independence from his (embarrassingly lock-step) party.

I host a talk radio program and podcast that is heard in all 50 states and over 95 countries. I worked for the Obama campaign and helped train volunteers that knocked on an estimated 30k – 40k+ doors over the course of the general election campaign. I have sat in the living rooms of countless voters answering their questions and have given numerous speeches to local colleges, interest groups, luncheons and events. My intent is to work hard for the Crist campaign, but not if he is going to try to appeal to the ultra-conservative, as Florida is not a conservative state and needs a more moderate Republican to help lead it. I am a fiscal conservative and feel that Gov Crist has aligned with my beliefs. I am socially moderate-to-liberal and feel that the state of Florida heavily reflects my same belief due to the wide diversity of its residents.

This is only the 2-cents of one voter…however my passion for politics extends beyond my one vote and I plan to use it to affect many more voters. My hope is that Gov Crist will continue to show his independence, versus the predictable (and infuriating) lock-step-party-alignment seen by both Democrats and Republicans.

I appreciate your time and consideration of my feedback as a voter and resident of Florida.

Kind regards,

Orlando, Fl