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Did you think last week’s scene with Lady Olenna and Jaime Lannister was stirring and perfect? Well, it was, but Jaime isn’t quite done being emotionally annihilated. #sorrynotsorry

As the loot train from High Garden is heading back to King’s Landing, a strategy-impaired Danaerys flips the figurative war table and literally burns the motherfucker down. Lots of motherfuckers, Lannisters and Tarlys, to be exact. It was an epic turn of events that had me screaming “Dracarys” in my living room and my body physically shaking. Dany, Drogon and the Dothraki win this round of Game of Thrones. It was glorious and brutal.

Speaking of glorious and brutal, let’s talk about the Stark children.

Arya returns to Winterfell, and Sansa greets her in the crypt. They hug and the reunion is overwhelmingly satisfying. Still, the recognition between the sisters of what they have endured getting to this place hangs heavy.

It hits Arya hard when she sees Littlefinger is there and realizes the realpolitik Sansa is playing at. Sansa is unnerved by the reality of Arya’s kill list and her undeniably deadly fighting skills.

Bran’s cold indifference to the people that love him is cruel, except when he goes all magic Mafioso on Littlefinger. Baelish didn’t expect that. If chaos truly is a ladder, these kids are climbing.

Join us on this week’s episode as we fangirl out about one of the best episodes of Game of Thrones to date, the will-they-won’t-they incestual tension between Jon and Dany, and what’s going to happen to Jaime. Also…

  • White Walkers in a cave
  • Naath is a feminist destination
  • Dickon LOL
  • Spears and shields burn just as easily as human flesh
  • “Flee, you fool!”
  • RIP horsies #tear
  • Littlefinger is still smirking
  • They’re going to need blacksmiths for all that dragonglass
  • Fucking Theon

We want to hear your thoughts!

What do you think Jamie’s fate is? Will Jon and Dany do it? What’s next for the Starks at Winterfell? What did Cersei hire the Golden Company for? And for the love of the old gods and new, what is Littlefinger smirking about?

Sound off in the comments and we will read them on the next show. Talk to you soon, nerds.


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  • Devan R James

    First i’d like to apologize for for not commenting last week. Lady Olenna’s death hit me hard. Her Cersei despising, Joffrey killing, Grandma routine will be sorely missed. On to this week’s main course, roasted Equine with a side of burnt grains! I really liked this episode from frame one. It was satisfying in so many ways, the least of which is Jon’s refrain from making like Theon, and Barbacuing his ass. To me the crux of this episode was not the great battle at the end, but the reunion of House Stark proper. Sure Jon is gone, but as Missendai points out, he is not of House Stark in the traditional sense. Arya being back in Winterfell i feel pushes the clock closer to midnight for Littlefinger. After what he witnesses from his vulture’s perch when Arya plays with Brienne at sword fighting I think he may be recalculating his little head games. Then with Bran, the boy who lived being all emo and semi-conscious, I feel his attempts to rend the Stark’s has backfired in his face. The dagger gift to Bran was perplexing to me. I think it may end up being a very crucial plot point. With Arya in possession of it now, it certainly has a wielder who knows how to get its full usage. As a side note, I think Brans reference to to who owned the knife previously is a critical story yet to be heard. A Valarian steel dagger forged from what looks like gold plated dragon’s tooth inlayed with a dragon glass grip? That seems like a regal weapon if ever I saw one. But who? The Night King perhaps? Sam did see a drawing of it in one of his books. As for the battle I was happy to finally see the Lannister army get the taste of dragon fire. The use of Drogon as such a menacing and effective tool was exhilarating. I couldn’t help but think of the devastation two or three dragons would do. Your theory that Jamie will be taken captive is something I concluded as well. It makes good sense, and the parallel to when Robb took him captive after originating a tactic in which you split your armies forces, that Jamie himself credited Robb with would be a nice deja vu moment. Finally, on the subject of which one of the dragons will be killed, I think it will be Viserion. I feel the max payout for this would be the dragon being encased in a gold shell, much like his namesake. That’s all I have this week. Valar Morghulis.

  • Amanda Tirado

    The conversation between Littlefinger and Varys “chaos is a ladder.”

  • YES! “Chaos is a ladder” is from Season 3 when Varys and Littlefinger were talking in King’s Landing.

  • Sarah Cailean

    Someone told me that the dagger originally belonged to Azor Ahai, and that it was the one he plunged into the heart of Nissa Nissa. So now there’s this theory that Jon Snow is actually Azor Ahai, that he and Dany are going to get together, but that at some point he ends up completing the prophecy circle by being forced somehow or other to plunge it into Dany’s heart. I’m light on details because this comes from people who really get into the backstory from the books, etc., but it seems like a direction this show would end up going. Anyone else have thoughts?

  • Jennifer Adu

    First off, LOVE the Podcast! Second, so you guys think Jamie makes it out alive? When he didn’t get burned alive (I was kinda bummed not gonna lie), I thought ok, I guess he lives…but that ending with him slowing falling I was like AHHHHH!! Maybe he dies after all. Maybe its metaphorical that the armor he got for Cersi is whats pulling him down, that she’s been holding him down for so long and it finally does him in…

  • Spiffshine

    Hi Vanessa! Hi guys! This comment has less to do with the episode and more to do with me learning the best thing ever in a Facebook group full of hardcore fans. (You know the type – the people who know every map, name, prophesy, and backstory… maybe they host a podcast about such… those kind of people.)

    So there I am – face still stuck in that OMG position as I scroll over gif after gif* of people hyperventilating and freaking out about seeing a dragon in battle when someone posts a list of episodes for Season 8. SEASON EIGHT?!? As if I weren’t hyped-up too much to sleep already!

    I thought this was the last season, and as such, I was seriously concerned about how on earth they were going to wrap it all up with only a couple remaining episodes. But my fears were for naught because Season Monkey Fighting Eight!!

    How did I not know this?!? Are there others like me? Sunday gotta-see-it-live watchers and podcast listeners who somehow, miraculously remain oblivious? People who had given up trying to force their big brother to join the GoT cult because at this point there was no way he could possibly catch up before the last episode? Others like me who absolutely DO NOT want to see Jon get it on with his auntie because, ew? (OK, that last one isn’t relevant to the current topic, but still… ew.)

    *PS: I purposefully wrote “gif after gif” instead of “meme after meme” because I kinda want to hear how you say it if you read this out loud. 😉

  • Spiffshine

    PS: My favorite meme ironically has nothing to do with Drogon:

  • Devan R James

    I see them possibly going that way, but dont expect it to go down like that. Based on everything I’ve read, Daenerys is the most likely candidate. Her having to reforge Lightbringer is where I get thrown off of this prophecy. She is born in smoke and salt, she woke dragons from stone, but I can’t see her forging a sword, let alone using one. Perhaps another Targaryen will wield it? By the way, if they do reforge the sword, and need the sacrifice to bind the magic, that too could be a way to kill a dragon, as we saw she used black magic to ‘birth’ them in the first place.

  • Devan R James

    PS. If they do forge a Valerian steel sword, where are they going to get someone that good with metal? It’s as if they sent off a really good blacksmith from Dragonstone on purpose? Gendry might have gone on the Aryaesque world tour as well, and picked up some skills along the way.

  • Devan R James

    It’s the Targaryen way to get it on with siblings. Auntie on Nephew action is so down the list of faux pas, that most wouldn’t even care to note it.

  • Sarah Cailean

    Ooo, that makes some sense, too!