Jon Snow and Drogon Eastwatch episode

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All of our hopes of a Jaime hostage situation are for naught. He made it back to his evil sister, fraught from watching his men die, and with dragon breath still in his hair. We all love to love Jaime, but he is an utter fool when it comes to Cersei. He is also terrified of her. We all should be.

All is not a soul-crushing Lannister make-out session, we still get a (convenient) Tyrion and Jaime reunion. The two negotiated an armistice, because of course they did.

Jaime and Bron

Politically due North, Littlefinger is playing our darling Arya like a fiddle. It’s sad really. The Stark girls don’t understand how much their own house means to one another. If they did, their alliance could be ice solid. Except, they don’t know what we know. It’s maddening.

What is also frustrating is how Samwell, our faithful informant at the Citadel, emotionally glazes over a High Septon’s diary entry about performing an annulment for Rhaegar, and marrying him to someone else at the same time in a secret ceremony in Dorne.

You guys. This means Lyanna and Rhaegar were wed. Jon Snow is legitimate AF.

This episode was a drastic departure from last week’s adrenalin, but full of confluence…

  • Jonaerys #4eva
  • Olenna’s message is delivered
  • Tarly-pocalypse
  • Sam and Gilly hit the road
  • Tormund misses Brienne
  • Hey, Gendry
  • GoT Suicide Squad
  • The army of the dead is OTW

As always, my friends, we want to hear your thoughts, comments, ideas and Game of Thrones theories in the comments. Pleases and thank yous, until next week.


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  • Devan R James

    I thought this was another really solid episode. The information conveyed to us was pretty heavy. The revelations of Jon’s status as a legitimate heir to the Iron Throne, superseding Daenerys’ own claim is game changing news. I’m looking forward to the fleshing out of the Arya-Littlefinger storyline. I think Baelish thinks he has the upper hand, and as this episode sits, he does, but she has several aces up he sleeves that will I’m sure come into play at some point. The rest of the episode was to me just more chess moves. You asked for some theories this week, so here are a a couple of mine:

    1) Clegane Bowl is in the making. I think with the group going North of the wall now including Sandor Clegane aka the Hound, it is within the realm of possibility that the white they end up bringing back to Cersei is a white walker Hound. We can then get zombie Sir Gregor against white walker Hound.

    2) Keeping it North of the wall, I think our “Fellowship” is going to run into Benjen Stark, who has been on the trail of the whites, tracking them. He may be the best person in the whole of Westeros with good knowledge of the whites. It seems like his inclusion last year when Bran met him was not simply fan service, but to let us know someone from the Knights Watch is still on the trail of the Night King and his horde.

    3) Lastly, I feel the books that Sam borrowed from the Citadel are going to play a large part of the decoding of the rest of the story. Whether we as the audience will be the only ones who know this info, or whether it gets its time in the sun with the characters. Perhaps the biggest question now is where will he go now that he has left the Citadel? Horn Hill is the obvious choice, as the Wall is very far off. But if he acquires the knowledge of either Jon being a guest a Dragonstone or the return of House Stark, he may head to those locations.

  • Imogen

    So I guess I’m one of the only people NOT shipping Dany and Jon…but I really hope it doesn’t happen.

    Also: Do you guys like the pace of the season, or does it feel off-putting? I almost feel dizzy at the end of this season’s episodes. I feel like last season was much better.

  • Spiffshine

    Ohhh, zombie vs. wight sounds good to me! I like theory #1. 🙂

    And while we’re talking reanimated beings… Jon and Beric (I think that’s his name?) were able to pass through the wall at the end of this episode despite their previously-dead status. Will they be able to get back in? Does the magic woven into the wall work in just one direction?

    On #3… It seems that Sam was just grabbing random books and scrolls all willy-nilly. He could have grabbed an ancient Frey pie recipe or miraculously, and very conveniently, fumbled upon just the right scroll on his way out. It makes my eyes roll just thinking about it, but I love GoT so I’m willing to go with it.