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For a Game of Thrones episode titled “Blood of My Blood,” there was surprisingly little blood.

We saw the return of Benjen Stark (aka: Cold Hands), and caught a glimpse of the Mad King’s death. We also witnessed some sneaky political maneuvers by the High Sparrow, who seemingly check-mated the Lannisters and Tyrells.

Arya Stark remembers her name – and where she buried her sword, Needle; and we meet Samwell Tarly’s dad, who won’t be winning any “Father of the Year” awards anytime soon.

Oh, and have you met my dragon?” – Daenerys to the Dothraki

The Khaleesi and Mother of Dragons rallies her troops for war in 'Blood of My Blood.'

“Blood Of My Blood” represents a number of turning points for the season – especially for Dany and Bran – as we begin to step into new and uncharted territory for the series.

The Game of Thrones podcast crew of Dana, Vanessa and Peter dig deep into the fan theories that turned out to be true, and speculate about where the remainder of Season 6 is heading.

However, we all agree that it was yet another great episode this season, and (thankfully) not as traumatic as last week’s.

Also Discussed:

  • We’re reminded that Walder Frey is still alive and needs to be killed, violently
  • Edmure is also alive and being used as a pawn…but to what end?
  • Jaime and Brienne are headed to the Riverlands – and Vanessa is positively giddy over the prospect of Lady Stoneheart’s possible arrival onto the show
  • Sam grows a pair and steals a Valyrian steel blade from his prick of a father
  • Arya is seemingly out of that spooky death cult and is, hopefully, going to make her way back to Westeros with her list of names and trusty Needle in hand

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  • fran

    what about Yara and Theon going to find Dany before their crazy uncle gets to her?

  • Devan R James

    I made this Benjin prediction last week in the comments. Awesomeness!

  • John Deman

    So what is Little Finger going to do with the Knights of the Vale now that Sansa told him to stick it? Will the Blackfish go straighten out his great nephew Robin and get the Vale knights to support him. Or does Little Finger go align them with the Freys and Lannisters to keep on point with taking the north for himself. And on another note, will we see a wight Hodor?

  • Rickie

    thanks for reading my comment and cant wait to see what else you have in store after the season is over. on to this week’s episode:
    got to learn to trust the writers cause all my fears with bran were laid to rest right away.
    though a slower paced episode this was super torturous to watch. i felt like i was watching a horror movie. literally in every scene (except with dany) i thought someone was going to die. i almost had a panic attack especially with the tarley family dinner and when the tyrell army came to king’s landing. i’ve been predicting all season that marjorie is going to die and cersai would have a major hand in it. so when the army got ready to attack i was hiding under my covers lol. this show this show. too intense at times but always great.
    im totally oblivious of the character of cold hands but for some reason my spidey senses tingled and screamed “thats benjin” before he removed his scarf. question, with this late introduction of a character that is in much earlier parts of the story of game of thrones, do you have any hope of seeing lady stone heart? i know a lot of people gave up the ghost on ever seeing her since we have passed the point of her introduction in the books. love to hear your thoughts

  • Rickie

    since i love music i have to jump in on the music segment. i exclusively listen to kpop and i’ve been jamming to jessica’s “love me the same”. tears all day everyday. such a great song with beautiful and touching lyrics. and sister has been out of the music industry so long it truly was a blessing to hear her voice again on such a great song and the video is super cute too.

  • Peter

    Those are all great questions John. Little Finger is the biggest wild card in the show since his intentions are not clear at all and pretty much everything we are seeing (except for Dany) is connected to Little Finger in some way. Seeing Blackfish straighten out Robin would be glorious and would love to see that. These are great questions to talk about on the next show, thanks!

    Also seeing a wight Hodor would be pretty awesome and tragic haha.

  • Peter

    Great quemment Devan! You are right, what the Three-Eyed Raven and Bran are doing when looking into the past is called Greensight which is what Jojen Reed was also (Meera’s brother).

    Bran has mutiple powers which makes him extremely powerful. Because Bran has Greensight AND is a Warg he is considered a Greenseer. While the the Three-Eyed Raven only had the Greensight as far as I am aware.

  • Devan R James

    I for one think we won’t see a wight Hodor. I still hang on to a small belief that he could be alive still. My theory is that the wights were created to kill the men beyond the wall. If it is true Hodor has giants blood in him (ie the presence of magic), he could be immune to these attacks. something to discuss next episode as well.

  • Same here, I’m holding out hope that Hodor is still alive, since we didn’t technically see him die…on a series that LOVES to show people dying.

  • re: Lady Stoneheart – Vanessa is positively giddy with the notion that we may be seeing her this season, thanks to some of the comments / references made on this week’s episode!

  • Is that what they said? Because that could be interesting. In the “next week on” teaser, we see Yara and Theon say that they will be returning to take on their uncle, but I wonder if I missed them referencing Dany.

    It would make sense, since their uncle essentially played his hand (mentioning his intent to find Dany) during the “debate” over who would lead, so Yara and Theon know what his plan is.


  • I think all signs are pointing to Lady Stoneheart.

    1. They’ve introduced time-travel flashbacks. So, we can go back to 3 days after the Red Wedding via Bran.
    2. They haven’t mentioned the Red Wedding in forever, then this episode they not only mention it, we see Walder Frey and Edmure Tully.
    3. Everyone’s all BLACKFISH! Brienne and Pod are on their way to the Riverlands. Jaime is on his way to the Riverlands. Everyone is talking about the goddamn Riverlands all of a sudden. That’s where Lady Stoneheart is resurrected.
    4. Resurrections are as “normal” as dragons now, and there’s been heavy focus on the Lord of Light brand of magic… that makes resurrections happen.
    5. Over the course of the show, magic has played a larger and larger role. I think that speaks to a larger theme, and would fit nicely into the narrative.
    6. Walder Frey said the Brotherhood Without Banners is out there killing people. Hmmm. Wonder who could be leading them?
    7. The Stark women seem to having their moments of glory, why not add Catelyn to that?

    I think the showrunners would be foolish to leave her out. Long live Lady Stoneheart. *here’s my torch*

  • Yes. Yes I am.

  • I think they are all about conquering the uncle. I’m not sure how aware Yara and Theon are of Dany and her adventures.

  • Matt The Troll

    Well Vanessa butchered explaining my ‘Bran is the Night’s King’ theory but this week’s episode basically threw that out the window with Bran being the new 3 Eyed Raven (sad face; that would have been awesome). I’m still left wondering what the mechanics of that whole deal is. I hope we get some more clarity there this season, I still want to know why Bran seems so important and/or useful to the Night’s King.

    I’m not entirely convinced we’ll see Lady Stoneheart (ever), but I’m not a book kid so maybe she’s more important than I am aware. Wouldn’t bet a season of Firefly on it myself… I know this gets people murdered in certain social circles but Vanessa is right, that show was so overrated (sorry Dana!).

    Take it easy on that Beiber, V. Great work, guys, keep it up.

    With love,

    Matt The Troll

  • Oh gawd. I did butcher explaining your theory! But you try and go back thru our groupchat WHILE ON A PODCAST, and piece it together. 😉

    Thanks for the Firefly validation, though.

  • Firefly is overrated?! You sir now have the status of persona non grata on the podcast. #DeadToMe

  • fran

    they heard the uncle say he was going to find Dany and bring her and her dragons back to take over Westeros, so that is why I think they are going to head him off at the pass so to speak. So happy to have found this discussion of GOT.

  • fran

    Since we have been given such rays of hope, I just have to wonder what is going to go down at Riverrun. Brienne kills Jaime, or vice versa..Hope to see Lady Stoneheart. Bet it is the last episode.

  • Devan R James

    Lady Stoneheart was one of my least favourite characters from the books. That being said, we haven’t gotten to see anything substantial from her. If they bring her back, she could be used as a good bridge or rallying point to show the Lannister’s et al that the wights are not just a myth, using her resurrection of something greater at play in Westeros.