bran game of thrones season 6 the door hodor

Warning: This podcast contains spoilers for the Game of Thrones episode, “The Door.”

Whelp, we went from one of the series most uplifting episodes…to easily one of the saddest.

Hodor. Hodor. Hodor.

Who, me? Oh, nothing. I just have some snow in my eye.

Hodor on, Hodor.

With tonight’s episode of, “The Door,” season 6 continues to rack up the body count, but none have been as gut-wrenching as the (presumed) loss of poor Hodor.

game of thrones season 6 episode 5 the door hodor

The series also delivered a triple mind-freak dick-punch by revealing the origin of Hodor’s condition, his dreadful demise, and Bran’s responsibility for both.

Oh yeah, and the Starks lost another goddamn Direwolf.

The podcast crew of Dana, Vanessa and Peter gather once more to discuss and dissect the episode, along with our shared grief at the loss of the Hodorest Hodor who ever Hodored.

Tune in as we dissect every detail of this week’s episode, and be sure to send your comments, questions or fan theories to dana (at) stimulated boredom (dot) com, and we will respond to your email on the next show!

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  • Rickie

    no, once isnt as great as fables BUT it has a magic all its own and i can love and appreciate both for their individual greatness.

    definitely a super sad episode. for every one good thing that happens it seems ten bad things follow. we didnt just lose hodor we lost the children, summer and the three-eyed raven. and what is up with bran? my theory was that once the raven died he would “wake up” but he seems to be stuck in the past. is he just going to be that way and continue to download the info the raven was giving him or will he come out of it where we left off this episode? how can meera drag him around and protect him all by herself? it just seems like bran’s journey was moot. he hasnt learned enough yet to be of any real help. i’m trying to stay optimistic and hopeful that the writers know what they are doing but i’m having this big sense of dread.

    my theory has always been that dany was azor ahai but you have brought up an interesting theory of there being more than one azor ahai and in the targaryon ruling house “the dragon has three heads”. three dragons, three royals (tyrion, jon, dany). what if by their powers combined they are azor ahai! (yes that is a captain planet reference)

    would like to hear what you think of my theory.

    p.s. one last question: anything else you have planned to review together after game of thrones? love all of your discussions and points of view, we need more than just ten weeks of all this awesomeness! a suggestion i have is for the scify channel show the magicians which i think you will enjoy. the season is wrapped so you can watch it any day of the week that fits into your schedule. that will give us 13 more weeks (if you do it weekly) and a great summer time.
    I appreciate all your hard work and thanks for the free funny.
    your friend and fan Rickie

  • Devan R James

    My question is do you think that now that Bran is off in the wilderness, he may come across Benjin Stark in some shape or form, ie a white walker? One of the Night
    King’s Generals perhaps.

  • Devan R James

    I won’t gloat too much, but I was almost smack dab on point here! (pat’s self on back) 🙂