Stark Support. The Hound Returns. The High Sparrow Sets His Sights on Olena. Jaime is a Disappointment. Arya Gets a Bellybutton Piercing.

Jaime stands outside the castle at Riverrun in episode 7, the broken man.

Warning: This podcast contains spoilers for the Game of Thrones episode, “The Broken Man.”

Well, it was bound to happen. In a fast-paced season in which we’ve enjoyed some incredibly satisfying episodes, we were given a slower and somewhat lighter episode of Game of Thrones this week with, “The Broken Man.”

Not to say that Arya getting her stomach aerated and the Hound returning from the “dead” weren’t notable, it’s just that comparatively speaking there just wasn’t a lot of story movement this week.

We were introduced to some compelling new characters – and had one of them taken away almost as quickly as they were introduced. Jon builds an army. Cersei get’s dissed, hard, and Sansa has to ask for help from the one person she doesn’t want to.

I’m feeling a bit under the weather this week, so I’ll keep this short and leave all of the fascinating discussion of “The Broken Man” episode to the podcast, as we continue to dissect every Game of Thrones episode this season within moments of their airing, including comparison to the books, online fan theories, and our own speculation about where the season is headed.

Marjorie and Olena say goodbye in episode 7 of Game of Thrones, the Broken Man

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  • Rickie

    you are not weird or crazy vanessa, i also paused on every scene in the preview for next week’s episode. it was better the entire hour of “the broken man”.
    this episode was the worst of the season for me and i just dont see the point in it. it raised so many questions: who were all these people with the hound and what were they building? why live in the middle of nowhere? why would the brotherhood killed them, just cause they can? it just didnt work for me at all. one could argue it was to give the hound back his fighting spirit but he didnt seem to be without it to me. then arya got not only a super small scene but she was stupid in it. you know people are out to kill you but you stroll around all “ladidada” without a care in the world? NO, you have your guard up all the time and trust no one. its like she’s learned nothing from the faceless man and i felt insulted as an arya fan. sorry for the passion oooh my blood is boiling. the one part of this episode that was good was the stuff at king’s landing and im praying marjorie’s plan (whatever it may be) works out for her.

  • Rickie

    i am with you in solidarity sister. will pray to all the goddesses that you get your lady stoneheart. no one should have to suffer through watching firefly. i’ve already suffered through the whole series for the both of us so you’re good. 🙂

  • fran

    they are setting things up for battle.

  • fran

    I guessed Yara’s plan to meet up with Dany correct! Going to be interesting to see where the Hound ends up.

  • fran

    still cannot believe Arya let herself get stabbed. As streetwise as she is, she really let her guard down. My theory is she will somehow end up with Dany.

  • fran

    Does Arya get her revenge on the girl who stabbed her?

  • Devan R James

    Could the Hound be to Arya as Brienne is to Sansa? I kind of think it’s a strong possibility once 9=(or if?) Arya makes it back to Westeros.