Daenerys walks about of the fire in Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 4 , Book of the Stranger
How Daenerys Got Her Groove Back

Warning: This episode contains spoilers for Game of Thrones episode, “Book of the Stranger.”

The first three episodes of this season may have focused on ice, but tonight we saw the return of FIRE in a big way.

The Game of Thrones weekly podcast crew of Dana, Vanessa and Peter return to discuss every fiery detail of Season 6, Episode 4: “Book of the Stranger.”

So far season 6 has been rather uplifting – relatively speaking – after the joyless black pit that was season 5, and there’s no better example of that then this week’s episode. In fact, season 6 has really upped the pace these last four episodes, as fans have been treated to an assortment of satisfying moments…which, judging by history, probably won’t last long.

Sansa reunites with Jon Snow at Castle Black in Game of Thrones.

Daenerys had another showstopping moment this week; plus we finally get a Stark family reunion that many fans have been waiting for since Season 1.

We see Sansa reunited with Jon; Theon rejoined with Yara; Margaery consoles Loras; Jorah and Daario find Dany, and even Cersei is (seemingly) joining forces with Lady Olenna.


Tune in as we dissect every detail of this week’s episode, and be sure to send your comments, questions or fan theories to dana (at) stimulated boredom (dot) com, and we will respond to your email on the next show!

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  • Rickie

    yall are soooo messy and i mean that in the best way. the intro song, the little headlines for everyone “7 years a slave” “daenerys has a bbq” sigh. too much 🙂

  • Rickie

    a clarification on khal drogo’s death: the witch treated his wounds but said she got to them too late hence them festering and him getting fatally ill. it was never said/shown she was intentionally killing him. what she DID do was use magic to save his life at the orders of dany and that spell killed dany’s unborn son “a life for a life”. and it did work drogo was alive but she never said in what condition he would be. there is always a twist with magic, five seasons of rumple on once upon a time has taught me that lol

  • Rickie

    agree with you guys this is definitely the best season yet. i say that because usually there are storylines im not interested in (the knights watch for example) but good things are happening all around. great episode. so glad dany stepped up, that was a great moment. hate to see the eye candy go but ce la vie. GODDESS OF FIRE!!!! though it may be harsh what tyrion did was smart and logical, they can not have a war right now and his compromise stops that from happening and helps to slowly give the people time to adjust to a new life that is completely different from what they have known.
    shocker, something good happened in game of thrones. sansa made it to the wall before jon left, did not see that happening. always expect the unexpected with this show. does it need to be said? brienne and tormund sitting in a tree and oh so sweet.

    thank you for the great show and for reading my comment. ONE LOVE

  • matt

    i would like to facilitate a drinking show in which we argue about who will/should win the game of thrones

    keep up the good work


    THE matt