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The penultimate episode of the penultimate season is indeed a showstopper (or showfastforward if you’re paying attention).

The viewers have needed someone from south of the Wall to truly understand the imminent threat that is the Night King so they can know what we know. And then it dug so viscerally into our fears that we’ll never forget what it looks like to murder a dragon.

To all you nerds who debated the semantics fervently with your spoiler-friendly friends and totally saw it coming, it was still visually more striking than anyone imagined. We feel Dany’s pain, thank goodness Jon lives to comfort her. #Jonaerys.

Even with those atom bombs dropped on our hearts and eyes, Westeros still frothed with…

  • A bag full of severed faces
  • Tormund being progressive AF
  • Gendry not really having it that bad
  • Ravens that can access the Speed Force
  • No line of succession
  • The Hound calling everyone a cunt
  • An invitation from Cersei
  • Uncle Benjen!
  • The fiercest outfit Dany has ever worn

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on this episode and your predictions for the season finale.

There’s some dissenters who think this plot’s cavalier jaunt into the sunset is too convenient. How do you feel about the pacing and HBO’s interpretation? Will we get some magical healing in the finale or will our souls be crushed by an icy cliffhanger?

Tell us! Talk to you nerds next week.


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  • Devan R James

    I’ve been loathing this episode. We all knew it was going to happen. It was inevitable. A reanimated dragon is a big deal. If anything were to come from this episode, we now have the clearest picture of the danger the seven kingdoms are in. Arya is freaking me out a little. Sansa is acting weird because of her siblings. What’s the deal with Littlefinger expressly saying let Brienne deal with Arya, and then Sansa immediatley sending Brienne away? It makes no sense? There’s a theory that Littlefinger is a faceless man, or in league with them at the very least. Do you three give this any creedence? As to what will happen next week, I am reserving any predictions as season finales are up in the air anything can happen shit shows. Will the realm finally listen to Jon and unite? Fat chance. Will Cersei finally make her play on Daenerys? Not likely, but maybe… Will Jamie switch sides? Possible, but he’s a smart guy, he will stick around to add to his Kingslayer dance card. Any one of these happening changes the show in a dramatic way. I hear no traditional cliffhanger this season, so that’s good, but we would be fools to think the Game of Thrones narrative landscape will not be upset somehow, with major meaning for the final season.