Game of Thrones Finale: “Vengeance, Fire & Blood”

Cersei wears black. King’s Landing is a double entendre. We have dinner with the Freys. Daavos and Daario are sad. R+L=J. Winter is here.

Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale Podcast Cersei on the Iron Throne

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In an exquisitely orchestrated series of unexpected events, we are left sated and curious. Who knew Game of Thrones could still surprise us? And even after reading fan theory upon fan theory, (sound, thorough theories) the show still managed to take us into uncharted territory while confirming the most popular GoT theory of all… R+L=J.

I think we all knew that to be true, but it certainly feels validating to see it on screen. A Song of Fire and Ice surely has more than one meaning, but the key players are Dany and Jon. Sidenote, baby Jon is just as brooding as resurrected Jon. Cute.

Jon’s parentage is an important reveal, but the true twist of the episode is the face-off at Riverrun as Arya Stark fed Walder Frey his sons, looked him square in his dispicable face, and killed him exactly how her mother was killed. And then she smiled.

Game-Thrones-Season-6-Pictures (2)

I am forced to face the reality that Lady Stoneheart was a heavy-handed Red Herring that gave us her psychopath second daughter to exact the revenge we know is due. I didn’t expect it, but I am at peace with that turn of events. I have long-loved Arya, and this feels good. That does not make me any less wrong. So, you know what that means, right?

Yeah, I sing Justin Bieber on this episode because watching Firefly would have been way harder. I am sorry. Listeners of past episodes understand why this had to happen.

Beyond the giant elephants of Jon and Arya, the finale served up…

• The greatest costume Cersei has ever worn
• Scary little birds
• Wineboarding
• Confessions of a mad queen
• A library to end all libraries
• The reflecting pool at Dorne
• Unnerving passages of time
• Sansa’s impeccable evolution
• Lady Mormont is the best campaign manager EVAR

Tyrian and Dany, Hand of the Queen, The Winds of Winter

The Winds of Winter was a phenomenal episode, and gave us much to discuss. I hope you stick around for the entire show as we recap the episode, recall moments that led up to these, and conject about what’s to come. Oh, and you know we read all of your comments, too.

Now that the season is over, our magical nerd trinity wants to hear from you about what you’d like us to cover next. BUT, not before you sound off about the Winds of Winter in the comments.

Thanks for listening, talk at you soon… you beautiful nerds.


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  • Rickie

    now THIS is the best episode of the series. so much pay off for watching since season one. arya is an assassin, jon is king of the north, and dany comes to westeros! super epic. no more game of thrones, now its game of queens! did not see any of this coming! i dont like cersai AT ALL (to get ahead everyone else suffers/dies even those she loves plus she is just a jerk), and never felt sorry for her but when she went and got on that throne i was just like “no way”. i just never thought she would ever be queen. amazing. i give her that one moment, next season arya do your duty and finish off that list. bye bye lannisters 🙂

  • Rickie

    he is a known rapist so yeah that nun is his play thing to do whatever he wants. the mountain is going to rape and torture her to death, totes obvi. i feel sorry for poor tommen. sweet and innocent. i think he killed himself because he lost everything he cared about: his wife and his faith and it was his insane mommy who did it so he was like “the world is fucked. im going to the gods”

  • Devan R James

    Maybe the King Slayer becomes a Queen Slayer as well, just sayin’….

    PS I hate that bitch too. But Lena Headey plays her soooo well, you believe she is a queen bitch (hmm, maybe she IS?)

  • Devan R James

    What’s the sickest thing about Cersei is that when Joffrey died she was inconsolable and he was a prick, then when Myrcella died, she was like “oh shit that frog told me so.” Now when Tommen dies, she’s like, all is right in the Queendom.

  • Devan R James

    I’m pleased with season six. It felt different in that it wasn’t a buildup to a massive gut-punch. All of the storylines developed enough that I can honestly not say “but what about (fill in the blank)” about anyone. Big reveals, minor comebacks, lots of drinking, and even humor. My take away from this episode is that while we are given the information about Lyanna being Jon’s mother, and heavily believe Rhaegar is the father, would it not be typical of Game of Thrones to pull that out from under our feet? I’m 90% certain, but am skeptical enough to leave a margin of error. Also, I’m not sold on Jon and Daenarys being the titular Ice and Fire. Despite what I said about Jon’s parentage, if R+L=J is true, could it not be that Jon alone is the Song of Ice and Fire?
    Anyways, I’d love for you guys to do another episode in which you at least cover the comments on the site. Those tend to be very funny, and also produce good discussion. As for going forward, movie reviews are always fun to listen to, and this summer won’t be short on movies to review.

  • Rickie

    we did see arya use the faceless man’s powers before when she killed that pedo guy who was on her list. i so did not see that coming lol. super shocked. i thought she was a new character lol.

  • Rickie

    oh the puns you guys come up with lol. yes the sam scene was super cute! reminds me of the days when we first was introduced to the character. loved that moment, a nice sweet moment amongst all the crazy.
    jon messed up as the stark always do with this honor thing. i respect honor but where is it written that you have be honorable and stupid and not honorable and smart. if i was jon’s advisor i would have him be like “daavos we need her to take on the white walkers, that is our priority. sorry for your lost but lets table the killings of our allies until we’ve defeated” and then to the read woman “look bitch, no more killing of anything that isnt a walker unless i say or i’ll you myself” then sashay off in that fierce bear coat lol. they so dont realize how pimped out the stark’s clothing is lol

  • Rickie

    2nd best moment of the episode. it was like watching an episode of housewives of thrones lol shady shady queen! yaaaasss! olenna read them for FILTH! and i LOVED every moment of it

  • Rickie

    no vanessa. they refused the “cull” lol love her accent. i had to rewind to understand what the heck she was saying but yeah lady mormont is super cute and badass

  • Rickie

    i wonder if they will take the iron islands FIRST then go to westeros. that would be the smart play so that cersai would have as little help as possible

  • Rickie

    i think all the stark children and dany will survive, everyone else is up for grabs. im super scared about greyworm and missandei. i would love for season 8 to have them get married but yeah i dont see them surviving and having a happy ending. and im usually right about who dies lol. oh marjorie and loris, will miss you. you will be avenged!

  • Rickie

    little finger is playing the long con. he can get sansa in season 7, the seeds of doubt have been laid and i think the danger of the white walkers will push it over the edge. little finger just convinces sansa that jon is endangering the kingdom with his war.

  • Rickie

    pretty much lol. it was more like west westeros middle lol. im from “the hood” so yea, stereotypical but we be a little ghetto. it was something that happened almost twenty years ago so im good now. though i have never forgot it (and dont think i will) its not something i think about everyday and i know someone who got off way worse than me in the same incident so in comparison i was lucky.

  • Rickie

    im sticking with the magicians! also crazy ex-girlfriend and have no qualms watching them fro the third and fourth time respectively. also yes comic talk is much appreciated. i almost read from every comic company and all with the magic and/or girl power so lazarus, wicked & the divine, the ultimates, lumberjanes, jem and the holograms, etc etc.

  • Rickie

    speaking of cons, there is a great comic called the big con, you have to read it. so so good. would be a great heist film and im surprised no one has done it yet as a film

  • Rickie

    thank you guys for such a fun time and all your hard work! catch you around the internets!

  • My bad. Refused the cull is exactly correct. 😉

  • Thanks for listening, and for being such a great / active listener! Stay tuned for future “Holy Trinity” episodes. 🙂

  • Imogen

    Hey! Great episode! Great season!
    My comment is about your discussion on who will survive. I kinda buy the whole three headed dragon as 1) Dany 2) Jon Targaryen 3) Tyrion. I think Sansa is a goner. Aaanndd: don’t call me nuts, but I kinda think that Tyrion and Dany MIGHT end up married. If not, then I’ll maintain that everyone besides those three are up for grabs as possible deaths.

  • Devan R James

    If Sansa does die, I could see Daeny and Tyrion, but if she survives, does her marriage to Tyrion still mean anything?

  • Imogen

    I don’t see her marriage being terribly strategic either way.

  • Sure thing! We had fun, so I am so glad you had fun, too!