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It’s the beginning of the end, and it feels like it. For Game of Thrones, that’s a good thing because the middle was really hard. We’ve been punished enough, and now it’s time for some payoff. Arya seems to be our one-way ticket to instant gratification by picking up where her murder tour left off and killing every fucking Frey in the house. It’s great. Here’s to hoping our favorite Stark keeps the upper hand.

Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr and the Hound talk of resurrection. They really dig into the details. BUT FOR WHAT!? If Arya is exacting some kind of analog for Lady Stoneheart’s revenge, then why do they keep on about coming back from the dead? What does it mean, nerds?

Our other lone lady wolf, Sansa is as strategic as ever and without apology. Her agency is a stark contrast to seasons past (you see what I did there?), and it is refreshing. As the clans in the North come together to battle Winter and the Night King, Sansa is still playing the game of thrones. Let’s hope the twisted ways of Kings Landing don’t pollute the Stark family reunion. Still, we get my favorite line of the episode as Sansa interrupts Littlefinger’s continued attempts at manipulation.


Alas, the shiniest North star continues to be Lady Mormont as she turns gruff, filthy, violent men into submissive toddlers. I am pretty sure she is the one with all the magic.

Yo, Night King, come at her, bro!

We also got to see…

The book thief
Euron Greyjoy channeling his best Douche
Tormund’s twinkle eyes
Blackberry wine & Ed Sheeran
Logs burning and zombies walking
“Wun Wun” Walkers
Blood on the pages, guts on the table
A bald cunt and a top knot
That Catspaw dagger
Mothafuckin’ Dragonstone

We’re so happy to have the band back together and we hope you are too. What did we miss? What do you hope to see this season? Tell us your great theories for the future of Westeros!

We’ll respond to your comments and questions on the next show.

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  • Devan R James

    Hey, welcome back! Im listening to the episode now, and you skipped over an important detail (at least to me). In the scene with Bran and Edd, Bran introduces himself as Brandon Stark. To me this was important because using his real name can lead to a power struggle down the line, or at least a split in the ranks, as he is officially the rightful Lord of Winterfell, Warden of the North. George R. R. Martin wouldn’t have allowed the name use unless there is a payoff later in the series. As for the Stark family reunion everyone wants, if he heads to Winterfell we get major change in events. I personally feel he will stay away from Winterfell, but what do you think?

  • Thanks! Same to you. All of those points seem incredibly valid, and so does them being scared AF and name-dropped to get to the other side of that door. I need my Stark reunion to be magic and good, damn it.

  • Mike

    Welcome back!!!
    Interesting facts about that table in Dragonstone. It was the table made at the order of Aagon the Conquer (that united the 7 Kingdoms). Also, where Danny was standing was right where Stannis conceived that shadow baby.

    As for Dirty Uncle Greyjoy, I’m pretty sure that the Gift that he’s getting is the Dragon Binder Horn. In the books it’s mentioned as an Item that he obtained in Valeria, and that can control Dragons.

    One interesting theory I saw about Cersi, Jamie, and that map. If you remember from the books, Cersi is prophesied to die at the hands of her younger brother. While she thinks it’s Tyrion, the fact is that she was born before Jamie. Cersi was standing in the part of Westeros called “the neck”, while Jamie was standing by “the fingers”. So if he chokes her then that’s some subtle ass foreshadowing.

  • Rickie

    been waiting a year for you guys and when the show came on i totally forgot to check for new posts lol and i was checking every week before game of thrones came back to see what else you guys would be disscussing. sigh. oh well better late than never