What is Stimulated Boredom?

Stimulated Boredom – an intentional and purposeful oxymoron – is a website, blog, and podcast that covers many general interest topics, including geek culture, gaming, gadgets, reviews, technology, movies, humor, politics, current events, and entertainment.

The purpose of Stimulated Boredom is simple, to provide a place for your boredom to be stimulated, by delivering interesting and entertaining content that covers a diverse range of topics, subject matter, and opinions.

Whether it’s a complex and detailed discussion of the Big Bang Theory, World War II, and current events, or lighter topics such as movies, technology, comic books and video games, you are sure to find something that will entertain, educate, or inform.

Hosted and owned by Dana Sciandra, Stimulated Boredom was initially started as a podcast in 2005 and has since grown, attracting an audience from all 50 U.S. states and over 112 countries.

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