Write for the Show!

Contribute To StimulatedBoredom.com!

Now you have the ability to write and submit a blog for consideration on the website and have listeners and visitors from around the world read, comment on, share and respond to it by becoming a contributing writer for StimulatedBoredom.com! This new section is intended to allow you to write about what you are passionate about, interested in or want to share with others.

Are you an international listener who wants to share information about something happening in your country and you feel others might find interesting? Do you want to add something to a discussion on the show? Talk about a topic that has not been covered on the program? Perhaps you are passionate about your hobby, animals rights, gun rights, the environment, movies, technology; or maybe you want to share your opinion about something happening in the news, share an entertaining anecdote, video game review or pose a question that you want others to respond to…now you have an outlet to do so!

To begin, please click on the following link:

Login or Sign Up here to contribute to the show.

You may also watch this brief tutorial on how to get started:

If you don’t currently use WordPress, simply choose a username and email that you want to register under. A system generated password (you can change this later) and a login link will be sent to you.

Once you are logged in, just select “Posts” in the ‘At a Glance’ section; hit “Add New” and start writing…when you are done hit, “Submit for Review”…it’s that easy! You can also use the same username and password for all future entries.

You can stylize your entry (i.e. bold, italicize, bullet points, links etc) through the easy-to-use toolbar. Don’t want to concern yourself with all that? No worries, just start writing!

If I like what I read and it stays within the principles of the show – to entertain and educate – I will post it for the world to see and comment on. It will be under your username, as it is in your own words. 🙂

Do not worry about some of the other options displayed like, ‘custom fields’, ‘excerpt’ or ‘Send Trackbacks’…just start typing and submit, I’ll take care of the rest!

I am honestly looking forward to reading your entries and please do not worry about whether your topic is interesting to me…the point is for you to write about what interests you and what you want to talk about!

Happy Writing!