'Check-in' to what you are doing (and not where you are) with GetGlue.

If you’ve been avoiding popular GPS-enabled check-in services like FourSquare or Gowalla due to concerns over broadcasting your location to potential stalkers (by the way, I like what you’re wearing today *creepy grin*), then GetGlue might just be the option for you.

Rather than checking-in to where you are, GetGlue allows you to ‘check-in’ to what you are doing…100% Stalker Free.

Whether you are watching a movie or your favorite TV show, listening to music, playing a video game, enjoying some quiet time with a book or even thinking about a particular topic; GetGlue allows you to ‘check-in’ to that activity and earn fun “stickers” in the process.

The UI is simple, intuitive and clean: Just launch the app and select the activity you are engaged in. You will then be presented with a search field in order to find the movie, TV show, video game, book etc that you are watching | playing | reading and you ‘check-in’ to it…including whether you want to add a personal comment or post the activity to Facebook or Twitter for your friends to see and/or comment on. The app will also display how many other GetGlue users are also engaged in that same activity (i.e. for instance, how many other people are also reading the same book as you).

Beyond that, the app can also suggest/recommend movies, shows, books and artists to you based upon your previous check-ins and preferences (i.e. the more you use it, the ‘smarter’ it gets). Additionally, you can further fine-tune these recommendations by using the “Rate/Pick” tab, in which you can ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ certain bands, films, shows and books…including the ability to write a review or read comments left by other users.

GetGlue on the iPad

The app also allows you to check a stream of what your other GetGlue connected friends are up to (i.e. Facebook’s “News Feed”), in addition to collecting and viewing virtual stickers (i.e. “badges” on Foursquare) that you have earned based upon your activity. Additional Fun Note: When you have accumulated 20 stickers, you can request that GetGlue send you the actual stickers in the mail. I’m not entirely sure what the hell I would do with a “Droider” sticker (my first sticker for checking-in on an Android device)…but still, it is a nice added (and free) option being offered by the folks at GetGlue.

The app is available for free on Android, iOS and Blackberry. Set up is easy enough, you can either create a new account through the app | web or do what I did, which was to login using my Facebook credentials.

The app immediately searched all of my friends on Facebook and started following the ones who were using GetGlue (and visa versa). Of course, if you don’t want to follow certain people, you also have the option to un-follow them…however the app defaults to automatically following your friends who are also using the app.

You can also connect to your Twitter account; however I did not opt for this option after I saw the permissions that were needed | requested; which included the ability for the app to follow people for you. I venture to guess that this is intended for you to be able to find & follow people with similar interests based upon your check-ins, however I am not too keen on an app being able to determine who I follow.


GetGlue isn’t much different than simply updating your Facebook status or directly Tweeting what you are doing | watching | reading | playing | listening to…but it is more FUN, by adding lots of cool options and a nice social aspect that helps to connect you with people of similar interests.

I happen to use both Foursquare and Gowalla (what can I say…I’m a dirty, dirty badge whore) because – as a consumer – I can see the potential of GPS-enabled services and apps. I have already received immediate discounts, alerts on deals when I am near a particular store and free food for simply being the “Mayor” of a favorite restaurant.

What GetGlue does well is simply taking you “off the grid”, yet allowing you to share | post your interests, spark comments and conversations with friends who enjoy the same activities, make new friends and earn STICKERS, which is like TOTALLY the FUNNEST!!!!….*ahem*….

I have been playing around with the app for the last few days and have been really enjoying it. Most of my check-in’s have been on the “back-end” (i.e. I haven’t been posting publicly to FB or Twitter), but I have found great recommendations and reviews from the community of users. Also, instead of just writing up a bland update or Tweet that I am playing the latest video game or watching a favorite TV show, I like the added dimension of being able to add a screenshot, link to the content and see how many others are doing the same. Also, you can login through the web and manage your account, should you not want to write a review or comment on a topic through your mobile device.

I recommend (at least) taking it for a test drive. Besides, what have you got to lose by checking out the app? It’s free…