The Securifi Almond: The World's First Touch Screen N Router + Range Extender
The Securifi Almond: The World’s First Touch Screen N Router + Range Extender

Recently, I was in the market for a WiFi range extender and stumbled across the Securifi Almond. Touted as the first touch-screen wireless router and range extender, I decided to nab this shiny new gadget from Amazon after doing a little research and homework on whether it would be the best solution for my needs.

I live in a 3-story house and my primary modem and router (Verizon Fios) is located on the 3rd floor in my home office. Although I get a pretty decent and strong signal on the 2nd floor, it is almost non-existent on the first floor or if I am in the backyard and trying to connect to my network. I wanted a solution that would boost and extend the signal, especially to media devices such as my Xbox 360, PS3 and Roku.

In this video review, I primarily cover the Securifi Almond as a range extender, and not as a primary router… of which it can be used for, but I would not recommend it as your primary router unless you live in a small home / apartment, or aren’t very tech savvy and simply want a solution that is very easy to setup for basic home networking and web surfing.

For the price ($79.99 at the time of review), there are a number of more powerful dual-band routers that I would recommend as a primary router; however as a range extender, you would be hard pressed to find a more elegant solution than the diminutive (and stylish) Almond.


    Extremely easy to set up and configure. No installation CD required.
    Just connect to your modem or enter the password to your existing wireless network & follow the on-screen instructions.
    Supports WEP, WPA & WPA2.
    Small footprint, can be placed just about anywhere.
    Stylish gadget that doesn’t need to be hidden away.
    Can be used as a WiFI bridge.
    Stable performance & decent range between 100 – 300 feet.
    Supports up to 300 Mbps and compatible with older 802.11bg devices.
    Range extension function is compatible with most cable & third party routers.


    No dual-band support.
    Not the best option as a primary router for hardcore gamers and those who like to stream HD content.
    Creates an “_almond” extension to your current network, requiring manual connection between the two.
    Only 1 WAN and 2 LAN ports.