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On this episode of Stimulated Boredom (#420), I’m joined by recent guest-host Peter, along with SB fan-favorite Vanessa Gabriel of Girls Gone Geek, as we dive cowl-first into what we loved, liked and disliked about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, including its surprises, adherence to DC Comics continuity, how it did in establishing DC’s larger cinematic universe, some of our biggest unanswered questions, and much more.

This episode also answers:

  • What the hell was Bruce Wayne’s weird desert fever dream all about?
  • What exactly was Lex Luthor’s grand plan, anyway?
  • Should we expect the same dark tone in the other planned DC cinematic universe movies?
  • Where has Wonder Woman been since 1918?
  • Did Batman just kill a bunch of dudes?
  • What comic book easter eggs did we catch?

So, sit back and enjoy three geeks wax poetic about capes, cowls and lassos!

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