Live. Die. Repeat

Alright, let’s get the important stuff out of the way first:

Edge of Tomorrow is a very good movie. You should definitely go see it. It’s probably the funniest and best performance that Tom Cruise has given in awhile, and will likely be one of this year’s biggest Summer hits.

Emily Blunt is pretty badass in the film, and if you have to repeat the same day over and over again, she’s certainly not a bad person to spend it with. Also, the aliens in the film are one of the most visually interesting that I’ve seen in awhile.

Now that we have all of that covered, on to the rest of this (non-spoiler) review…

Edge of Tomorrow 2 Stimulated Boredom

“It’s Groundhog Day!”

Edge of Tomorrow opens in the near-future amid frantic news reports from around the globe that an alien race has invaded Earth.

As much of Western Europe quickly falls to the seemingly unstoppable invaders – known as “Mimics,” due to their ability to mimic and quickly adapt to our military response – the nations of the world seem powerless to stop their advance.

After a series of devastating loses, the human race finally gains the upper-hand through the creation and use of Combat Jackets, a metal exoskeleton that provides human soldiers with increased strength, firepower and a fighting chance.

As a result of the ensuing victories – led by Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) and resident poster child for the war effort – humankind appears to be finally turning the tide of war in their favor.

Tom Cruise plays Major William Cage, the U.S. military’s PR man, who is tasked with bolstering enlistment numbers by ‘selling’ the war effort. Through a series of circumstances, Cage is haplessly thrust into the massive and planned invasion of Europe (a la Normandy) intended to finally eradicate the alien threat from our planet.

Having zero combat experience, Cage is quickly killed on the invasion beach when it appears that the humans have walked into an unwinnable bloodbath.

Here’s the kicker: Whenever Cage dies, he resets the day and returns back to the exact same point in time on the day before the invasion.

Not only does he come back – and has to repeat the same day over and over again – but he also retains all of the knowledge and skills he learned previously… thereby improving his ability to survive and adapt each time he repeats the invasion.

Basically, Edge of Tomorrow is Groundhog Day…with big guns and awesome aliens, but no Ned Ryerson. 🙁


Deja Vu

Because this is a non-spoiler review, there aren’t too many details that I can safely go into without revealing too much of the movie’s plot twists and surprises.

However, I will say that I love movies like this – one’s in which a character’s skills are continually being perfected as they approach a seemingly impossible situation – and at no point did I feel like I could accurately predict what was going to happen next. Strange, considering the entire movie is about repeating the exact same day over and over again until you get it right. 🙂

Although an action film, Cruise turns in one of his funniest performances in a long time; as I’m sure you can imagine the interesting situations that arise during his attempts to “perfect” the day, repeatedly having the same interactions and the fact that he needs to die each time in order to reset the clock.

Cruise is supported by a cast of interesting characters, including Emily Blunt, who plays Special Ops soldier Rita Vrataski and who puts in a completely believable performance as a Mimic killing machine. Vrataski is also one of the only people who is aware of and understands what is actually happening to Cruise’s character.

And although I am not normally a fan, Bill Paxton puts in a really enjoyable performance as Master Sergeant Farell, the person Cruise’s character starts each and every (reset) day with.

Emily_Blunt_Edge_of_Tomorrow_Stimulated Boredom

See Edge of Tomorrow

Tight action, moments of comic relief, an interesting premise that has not been overused yet and an enemy that is truly interesting to look at, make Edge of Tomorrow a movie that I highly recommend seeing.

It is what a Summer blockbuster movie is all about and I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end.

Edge of Tomorrow returns Tom Cruise to top action-hero form, and Emily Blunt proves her mettle as an emerging action heroine.

Grade: A

Release Date: July 6, 2014

Note: I saw an early private screening of Edge of Tomorrow thanks to Warner Brothers and Klout

We viewed the 3D version, which mostly felt tacked on for the purposes of charging a higher ticket price, and did not add to or markedly improve the experience the same way that a film like, Gravity did (which I recommended ONLY seeing in 3D). Therefore, don’t worry about missing anything if you see the “regular” version.