Hey nerds! We’re baaaaaack.

Unfortunately, it’s not for our precious Game of Thrones, but it is for the long-promised topic of “Cutting the Cord.” Not that umbilical cord that Dana just cut when his perfect baby girl came into the world recently. We’re talking about the figurative cord connected to your cable provider.

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With so many amazing streaming content services available, as consumers, our options are more plentiful than they have ever been (so long as we find our way back to Net Neutrality).

Dana has successfully disconnected from his previous cable provider Verizon, with 75 Mbps of Internet service, PlayStation Vue, and a la carte streaming options (Netflix, Hulu, etc.), and he is saving $100 per month.

I was not so lucky. I attempted to cut the cord but have returned to the shackles of Xfinity TV and Internet with a couple of streaming options. I did, however, manage to negotiate a lower cable TV rate when I threatened to jump ship.

Join us for 90 minutes of exploring the ins and outs of becoming independent of cable, the many options out there, and few tangential moments about GLOW, Marc Maron, Net Neutrality and baby Olivia!

Happy listening!

AppleTV remote and television.

For your convenience, you can view our super simple process and research a handful of service and device options below.

Step 1: Explore your Internet options with your local providers. The average household will need a 75 Mbps Internet connection to stream without interference or buffering, especially with multiple devices and people streaming simultaneously. Find the most cost-effective solution.

Step 2: Explore and research all of the streaming services and devices below. There are lots, and they all have different channel offerings and user interfaces – some friendlier than others. Keep in mind your current technology ecosystem. For example, if you own Apple devices, then Apple TV will likely be the easiest transition. If you’re pretty embedded in Amazon’s digital garden, then a Fire TV may be the way to go. Whatever you choose, get your devices and services set-up and in order before you say goodbye to your cable company.

Step 3: BINGE WATCH IT ALL!!! There will be a period of adjustment to how you interact with your content and devices, but hopefully, it will be an improved experience at a lower cost.

Popular Services
Sling TV
Playstation Vue
YouTube TV
Hulu & Hulu Live
Amazon Prime Video & Prime Channels

Popular Devices
Fire TV
Android TV
Chromecast & Chromecast Ultra
HD Antennas

Burger King Net Neutrality commercial referenced on the show

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